10der subject

Now that I’ve worked out in testing a reliable way to fully block all Windows 10 spying, I can feel comfortable using it in my environment again.

I’ll publish my full findings later, and firewall guidelines for what to block. And some PowerShell scripts for nuking things that normally could not be.

I’d still not advise most people to use the OS unless you have 10+ years IT experience, know how to use a packet sniffer really well, understand configuring firewalls and how to detect when traffic that should be blocked is not being blocked, and how to otherwise hack, maul, and womanhandle your system.

That’s what? 0.025% of the population?

In other words for nearly everyone, unless you want whoever happens to hack into Microsoft next and/or the NSA, the FBI, and other random law enforcement agencies to have all your data, don’t use Windows 10.