May 31


I’m definitely a geek and a nerd, but I don’t really identify much with geek culture at all.

Like most cultures, I never really fit into it even though technically it’s the one most like my proclivities.

I guess it’s because I’ve always had a healthy ego, and never subscribed to the “we’re so oppressed yet superior and we deserve hot women regardless” mantra that male geeks seem to spout. And anyway, I never believed that there were any women out of my league (to the extent I thought about it in that objectifying way at all), or anything that I couldn’t do if I wanted to – that whole “healthy ego” thing.

Basically, I never bought into anything anyone told me about myself. My self-esteem just can’t be beaten down by others. I’m not built that way, luckily.

I also didn’t feel like I deserved anyone’s attention or time, or that anyone owed me anything.

What the fuck is all these geek’s problem, anyway? I’m asocial as all hell, about the opposite of Mel Gibson in looks, and I’ve never had a problem meeting women.

Not being a dumbass entitled asshole goes a long way, strangely. And being interesting and doing interesting things with your life. Not because you want to “score” but because you want to.

If an ugly-ass introvert like me can spend half a lifetime being with amazing women, you people with way more advantages should be like hanging out with Jennifer Lawrence and shit every day.

But leading an interesting life is key. It’s fun, it makes you interesting, and if nothing else leads to some good stories.

Some of the crazy things that have happened to me I actually tone down (sometimes way down) in person as they are nearly unbelievable to the average cubicle dweller.

I usually don’t tone them down on the blog, though, so dear readers you are getting the real stuff here.

May 31

When I realized

The moment I truly realized my life had completed changed from how I grew up wasn’t until I was probably 24 or 25 or so.

It was at work, and I’d agreed to sub in for a woman on a bowling league who wasn’t able to show up that night.

One of the other guys on the bowling league came by my desk and said, “Thanks for subbing in. I thought you were way too cool to hang out with people like us.” He didn’t say it condescendingly or sarcastically; just as a statement of fact.

Even though I absolutely knew he was talking to me, I actually did that thing people do in movies and looked behind me a little bit to make sure he actually wasn’t speaking to someone else.

That’s a long way from being called a “loser nerd faggot” in middle school, for sure.

May 31

Sexing it up

I’m not surprised that most people who are attempting to “rescue” sex workers actually do more harm than good.

This includes 99% of Western feminists, too.

Ain’t hardly nobody talking about rescuing Wal-Mart workers, or waitresses, or short-order cooks, and believe me some of those people are just as exploited – and probably more so –  as the average sex worker (and they make a lot less money, too).

Mainly “rescuing” sex workers is about sex-phobia and delusion.

May 31


When you see ammo “cooking off*” in movies, it’s portrayed as hugely dangerous, like the bullets are firing as if they were in a gun.

But that’s not actually what happens**. The bullet needs something to “push against” to actually fire, and is greatly accelerated by the barrel of the weapon it’s fired from.

When ammo cooks off, it’s the casing that gains speed (think about why, it’s easy!) and is the part that’s dangerous, though usually not very dangerous as compared to a bullet fired from a gun.

Anyway, no matter that it’s not all that risky, you still shouldn’t throw ammo in a fire. While a .22 LR brass might not really hurt you, as the cartridge gets bigger so does the M x A of the casing.

*Cooking off generally refers to ammo that fires from being overheated, but here I am using it to refer to any “outside of the chamber” firing.

**Source: grew up a a redneck in rural N. Florida where I have seen ammo thrown in a fire, and was in the US Army for five years.

May 30


American Horror Story, despite being too campy for me at times, is much, much better than expected.

One of the best things about it is that its stellar cast includes at least 50% women as major characters in every season, and in Season 3, 90% of the cast is female.

It’s nice when a show surprises you like this one did to me.

And Season 2 is absolutely unhinged, in the best of ways.

Also, Lily Rabe rocks.

May 29


Yes, this comment perfectly describes my level of obliviousness from the age of 13-25 or so. Something very near that happened to me, and of course I missed the signs.

I was staying over at the house of a girl I used to date, but we’d broken up very amicably about six months before. Her sister was single, very bright and absolutely gorgeous.

On that night as I was about to sleep, the sister came out to the couch where I was about to lie down and said to me, “You don’t have to sleep on the couch. You can sleep in my bed.”

I said, “Oh, no, the couch is fine. Why should you have to sleep on the couch? It’s your house.”

She replied, “Oh, no, I plan to be there, too.”

“Your bed is really small,” I said, completely fucking clueless. “I’ll be fine out here.” Her face looked strangely disappointed as she walked away.

About two weeks later, I nearly crashed my car when I realized she had wanted to sleep with me in the sense of not actually doing much sleeping, and probably thought I was rejecting her.


In fact, this whole Reddit thread reminds me of myself.

I am almost certain that there are more subtle hints I’ve also missed in the past and never realized.

From talking to other guys over the years, I’d say about 20-40% of them will be nearly completely oblivious to almost all hints; we are just not socialized that way. It’s not on purpose, truly. Fucking trust me on that.

May 28


I see that the ever-awesome Sarah Kendzior feels the same way about the tabletization and dumbing down of every piece of software out there.

Go to her main profile page to see what she’s talking about. Twitter is basically unusable now from a content consumption perspective for anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip.

May 27


If the idiotic fuck-up misogynist Elliott Rodger hadn’t killed a bunch of people, we’d be better off.

But that’s not what happened. So at least we got the #yesallwomen movement out of it.

Should be required reading in all schools across the land.

May 27

Tolkien for granted

Tolkien’s translation of Beowulf is better than Heaney’s as it is more like the original poem; which is also why people claim that Tolkien is a bad writer. That is to say, that Tolkien mostly wrote even his original works as if they were Old English literature translated as faithfully as possible into modern English.

I’ve read all of Heaney’s translation, and some of Tolkien’s, and Tolkien’s feels foreign, meaning that it feels spawned by far different consciousnesses, living in a different world. Which of course is exactly how in my view it should feel. Those who wrote Beowulf were very, very different from us.