Aug 29


Adblock Plus, in addition to having sold out to the ad industry, is also now slow and very, very bloated.

When I was using it, my Firefox would routinely consume more than 7GB of memory. I have 32GB in my machine so the absolute amount of memory used wasn’t that big a deal, but it also caused the browser to crawl more slowly than me walking away from a milkshake store.

So next I removed AdBlock Plus and installed Bluehell Firewall. While that worked well, Bluehell has no options and no ability to whitelist anything. Good, but perhaps there was something better.

This might be it. So far, AdGuard has not resulted in any additional memory consumption, hasn’t slowed the browser down at all and has configurable options. I can whitelist things again!

I’ll wait a few more days to say for sure, but it seems pretty good so far.

Aug 29


Of all the things in the world that I can’t understand, the hatred of women is at the top of the list.

No, not every man, yada yada. But it’s common enough that it happens all the time and wide (mostly male, but not exclusively) swaths of the population gleefully participate in it when it does.

Usually most hatred is born from fear. What is it then that so many men fear? Sure, I can list the reasons. I know those. But I can never understand.

Aug 28

The humes

This essay – in addition to being beautifully written – is a good encapsulation of why the humanities is the most dangerous field of study of all. And why it’s the most often and the first attacked, and why it’s as necessary for life as science and engineering.

Yes, science and engineering can build that nuclear weapon, but can it give you a reason not to want to?

Aug 28



In job searches, people frequently look at the listed requirements, see a gap, and move on, fearing rejection and not wanting to waste the employer’s time and their own. They’re making a big mistake, and potentially holding their careers back.

I’ve applied to and gotten jobs where I only met 10-20% of the “requirements.” And was very successful in those jobs, and did not lie on my resume. I do think women would have a harder time of this than men, but I think it pays off for anyone if they believe they could do the job to apply.

The best strategy for a job is: if you think you could do it, apply. The listed requirements are often completely fictional or impossible.

Aug 28


Because I don’t really give a shit about so-called cultural appropriation, I mostly like Iggy Azalea.

She’s a legitimately good rapper, even if I don’t care for much of what she raps about. She’s better than many with far more recognition.

I like her in this video because she looks like she’s in the world of the The Hunger Games.

I could totally see Effie Trinkett wearing that when she’s going for a “subdued” look.

Aug 28


Back in April I wrote, “The Russian invasion of Ukraine is inevitable now, and has been for a while.”

Today, this happened.

Won’t someone get me a cushy and well-compensated pundit job? I am much better than they are, as they use, apparently, their asses as a guide while I use all of history – which isn’t perfect but does pretty damn well.

Aug 27

No Angel

Had I died at 18, and if the NYT had written an article about me post-mortem the way they chose to write about Mike Brown, these are the facts they’d have had to include:

Mike…was no angel, public records and interviews with friends and family revealing both problems and promise in his young life. Suspected of a string of retail theft and campus disturbances, shortly after departing his hometown for military service nearly all of his known associates received lengthy prison sentences for various serious crimes up to and including involuntary manslaughter. Until his tenure in the Army, Mike lived in a state of constant conflict with his community, once even being briefly detained by the school resource officer, accused of assaulting two students. It was later revealed that there were larger issues in play with this violent attack after the parents of the pair declined to press charges. However, this was not the only such incident noted by those who knew him. About these and other outbursts of aggression, Mike produced violent and pugilistic short stories and poems in his creative writing class that were rejected as too controversial for his high school paper. Other students mentioned that he was at turns distant and confrontational, and many suspected that he peddled drugs on campus though no charges were ever brought.

I could go on. (My name is also Mike, by the way.) But I’m white. I’d never get treated that way, even though if I’d died at 18 the above would’ve been a perfectly accurate summation of my life till that point. And with more that I could add.

By the way, I never sold or did drugs but everyone “knew” that I did. I’ve never had more than a bit of alcohol in my system. No idea why anyone thought differently, other than just stereotyping.

Aug 27


There’s so much vapid stupidity associated with every human –ism that even the ones that I am naturally aligned with and for the most part agree with I tend to run from and to disassociate myself from.

It’s not rational — for the most part — but due to my upbringing and general contrarian proclivities, being part of a group feels really profoundly mentally dangerous to me.