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By | December 31, 2014

I’d never carry a concealed gun. It’s an idiot thing to do. But if you ever do, it should be in a shoulder holster or similar where it never leaves your body. Ever. It shouldn’t be in your purse or your briefcase or anywhere else. Normally I’d not recommend shoulder holsters as they aren’t as… Read More »


By | December 31, 2014

Because my media landscape skews heavily female, it’s shocking when I experience the utter sausagefest in media that most people are subjected to. -Usually, I listen to about 90% female musicians. -Read about 60% female authors, with usually 80% female protagonists. -Interact with nearly all women as friends. (Sorry, can’t do raging masculine entitlement which… Read More »


By | December 30, 2014

Chrome is like the tablet of web browsers. It’s the browser for those who don’t need much out of a browser. I haven’t tried the 64-bit version yet, though. Does it actually allow you to have more than 5-6 tabs open for a few days without completely shitting the bed?

Socio idiocy

By | December 30, 2014

I’ve never understood the reason companies don’t allow more remote work to be done. Sure, I understand the monkey brain sociological reasons but I don’t understand why people can’t ratiocinate their way around those flimsy “reasons” and allow their companies to become more competitive. Because working from home is far better and far more productive… Read More »

Skill churn

By | December 29, 2014

Skills needed in IT churn faster than in any other industry. I’ve only been working part-time and in a consulting capacity for about a year, and of course doing certifications and learning as I can and such to keep my skills up. But since I’ve stepped back a bit it gave me more of an… Read More »

Cognitive inequality

By | December 28, 2014

Agreed with this 100%. Regular readers will recognize this as a version of my theory that “the internet is now a major driver of the growth of cognitive inequality.” Or in simpler terms, “the internet makes dumb people dumber and smart people smarter.” When I was a kid and there was no practical internet, I’d… Read More »

Go back

By | December 27, 2014

I’d amend this to just say that, “Vegans need to stop.” Go back to Vega. Nearly every vegan I’ve met has been a sanctimonious prick. Isn’t that the actual point of going vegan, anyway?

D Lou Did

By | December 27, 2014

If you think people are delusional now, just remember how they used to be. Serling discusses being shut down by sponsors for trying to address the Emmett Till case, and receiving many complaints from a “lunatic fringe of letter writers” about an episode of Lassie wherein the iconic collie has puppies. Some wacko viewers felt… Read More »

Next car

By | December 27, 2014

For my next car, I’ll probably either get a 2015 Mustang or a Subaru BRZ. Mustang, you say? Yeah, I used to hate them, too. But the 2015 model has really upped everything – quality (including the used-to-be-terrible interior), the suspension and the ride, even including adjustable suspension. And they offer near-German quality at a… Read More »


By | December 26, 2014

If there are humans left in 100-200 years (likely, but not guaranteed – people really underestimate the devastation of climate change), they will see the generations who live now as the most craven, despicable and immoral in all history. Because we did nothing about climate change, about the extinction of thousands of species, about the… Read More »