Jan 31

Two bots

Someone said that a lot of modern EDM sounds like “two robots having sex in a dryer.”

My name is quoderat, and I approve this message.

Jan 31


The Case Against DRM Needs to Be Made Now.

Or rather, it should’ve been made 10 years ago or more. But no, then we were told – even by members of the tech press and many prominent geeks – that DRM was there for our own good, to “produce more content,” to “allow creators to have a chance.”

Well, it never had a chance of doing any of those things and was never intended to do any of them.

It was all about control and removing it from both users and creators, and locking up the entire culture in a rent-by-the-minute prison.

So easy to predict, no matter how vociferous and dismissive the opponents to this obvious conclusion were a decade ago.

Jan 31


I’ve seen nearly every one of these movies.

Most of them are very bad, except Evil Dead 2 and a few others.

They forget this, uh, timeless classic:


Jan 30


Even some blogs I like on Tumblr are full of some daft bullshit.

So let’s extend this further:

1) No one who is not Hutu should blog/write/show images of the Rwandan genocide. Yeah, that’ll help!

2) No one who is not Armenian should mention the Armenian genocide because that’s…cultural appropriation? I’m not sure what this idiot’s point is, exactly.

This is the danger of identity politics. I know, it’s lefty suicide to rail against identity politics, but how it’s practiced is an instantiation and perfect example of the right’s divide and conquer politics it has used successfully in the US for over 150 years.

The professional right actually loves identity politics and encourages it because leads to these sort of divisions.

I don’t even know what my heritage is other than mostly white, so I am not sure what I am “allowed” to write about exactly.

Nor do I fucking care because I will write about what I want.

Jan 30


This whole article from 2003 is darkly hilarious in retrospect.

To an amazing degree, the Baghdad-based press corps avoids writing about or filming the friendly dealings between U.S. forces here and the local population–most likely because to do so would require them to report the extravagant expressions of gratitude that accompany every such encounter.

Right. We know how that went.

On another note, there is something very wrong with the WordPress install or something related to this blog, so I might be deleting and restoring everything soon. Different articles appear if you go to www.technologyasnature.com vs. technologyasnature.com. No idea why, nor do I care to troubleshoot it.

Jan 28


I always see this photo posted on Reddit other places to “prove” that women are incompetent with firearms or just crappy in general.

First of all:

1) It’s a fucking air rifle, so no real recoil.

2) Her finger is behind the trigger guard, so there’s no substantial eye damage danger even if it were a real rifle.

3) She’s obviously using it to get a better look at something far away.

Because I liked shooting and couldn’t afford ammo, I had an air rifle with scope much like this as a kid. I bought it with my own money that I earned gathering pecans to sell by the pound.

So how do I know it’s an air rifle?

Almost all rifles eject their brass from the right side, since the vast majority of shooters are right-handed. See anything like that? Nope? Ok, that means it’s an air rifle. (There are other clues, too.)

Anyway, so that’s that.

Jan 28


I know quite a lot about virtualization, so I’d always wondered why graphics performance on a desktop/consumer PC couldn’t be “passed through” with 95% of the original performance as everything else can – so for instance you could run a hypervisor on top of Linux, and then boot up Windows and run games in that with nearly the same performance as a native game in Linux.

I’d always assumed – because I’d never looked into it – that there was some obscure technical reason even though I could not think of one.

Nope, it’s all just vendor gouging.

So to sum up that, because Nvidia (and I am sure AMD too) wants you to buy their $1,500 GPU, they deliberately break the possibility of having decent 3-D GPU performance on consumer cards with virtualization.

Well, that answers the question of why I couldn’t think of any technical reason this shouldn’t be possible.

Because it is possible, and is done already (if you buy the $1,500 GPU), but it’s just blocked for consumer use.

Jan 27


Are all cops wimps these days?

Why is there ever any justification for cops shooting a teenage girl who is armed only with a knife?

Shit, I’m older and slower than I once was but pretty sure I could still disarm a teenage girl with a knife without too much trouble (unless she had some sort of special training), and all without hurting her too.

What a bunch of wastes of humanity.

Jan 26

Theory and practice

Weeny Western liberals like to argue that Islam is not innately oppressive.

But who cares? Nothing is innately oppressive. Christianity is not innately oppressive. Yet it and its institutions have nevertheless subjugated hundreds of millions of people over the years.

Western academics are afraid of Islam and are also afraid of not being seen as all-inclusive.

I have no such fears of either, and I care (like this commenter) about practice not theory.

In practice, hundreds of millions of women are oppressed every day around the world by Islam. Don’t tell me this is not true. I have actually lived in a Middle Eastern Islamic country.

Have you?

Anyway, Islam is not innately oppressive. So fucking what. I care about what actually happens in the real world.

And no, arguing that, well, the chattel-women in Islam like it (or at least say they do), so it’s not really oppression.

You and I are very different liberals, then, because I do not believe someone can commit themselves to slavery even if they claim to really, really want to do so. I think it is morally wrong and incompatible with any sort of secular humanism one can imagine.

So what should we do?

Nothing. We should do nothing. It’s not our fight, yet we are fighting it.

Bombing and invading countries where Muslims live actually makes it worse. Far worse. We should stop all that immediately.

Other than that and offering some humanitarian support, there’s nothing we can do.

But pretending that Islam is immune from criticism ain’t my bag. All religions harm people, and I make no exception for Islam’s harm.

That one thing isn’t innately some other thing doesn’t mean it does not have those qualities in practice. Simple logic, but not so simple I guess for those stuck in theoretical clouds of obfuscation.

Jan 25


I’m always mystified by how quickly and completely adults forget what it was like to be a child.

That was a long time ago for me, but I remember it well. Why do so many adults forget? Is the average person just that self-focused? Does me being aware that I am self-centered actually make me functionally less so?

I don’t know, but man most people have the brains of a cantaloupe it seems.