Mar 24

Slamming the slammable

I seem to be on a rampage against the fat acceptance/fat celebration movement lately. But they make it easy as they are now so unscientific and disconnected from the evidence as to be complete parodies of good sense.

So here I go again.

Like this. Doctors know that if you weigh 350 pounds, many of your other health problems are likely caused or exacerbated by that. They’ve been to medical school. Trust me, they know and their knowledge is accurate and evidence-supported.

And also, the word “curvy.” (Warning: If you click on the links from here on, you will see naked people.) When I was a kid and even a young man, curvy meant this woman.

She is curvy. She has very feminine lines. She’s thin but not skinny — this was the very definition of curvy until I was 20 or so.

But then curvy — at least by the FA nutcases — became this.

That is not curvy. That is obese.

Yeah, yeah, meanings of words change, blah blah, but the meaning here is being redefined by people who can’t help but stuffing their gobs with Twizzlers and Twinkies and thinking the world owes them being attracted to them.

Well. That ain’t pretty when men do it, and it ain’t pretty when women do it either (which the FA movement is mostly female).

I ain’t owe you shit. I decide who I am attracted to. Not being attracted to obese women is not some sort of -ism. I’m also not attracted to jerks, Nazis or conservative women, or women with gauges or tattoos. My right. Not yours.

I believe fat people should have all the rights (and the responsibilities) of everyone else. No exceptions.

But I also believe that jesus christ just shut the fuck up and work more on losing weight rather than making the rest of us suffer through your misdirected bullshit.


Mar 23


When people claim that an AI apocalypse or similar are ridiculous or impossible, be sure to remember how absolutely fanatically insane you would’ve seemed and been accused of being if in 1800 you’d claimed that in less than 200 years there’d be a single bomb no bigger than a wagon that could destroy an entire large city — region, even.

Yet we have those now.

What little imagination most people have goes to attempting to reduce it in others.

Mar 22

No gnome no

Of all the ways Gnome Shell sucks, the fact that it uses a compositor that you can’t turn off is probably the most blatant.

Because it means that when you connect with any remote control tool — like VNC — it makes your CPU usage go through the fucking roof.


Anyone who had anything at all to do with Gnome Shell, systemd, or Windows 8 should never be permitted to write, design or even to use software again.

When I could’ve done better, you have failed. Really really failed like no one has ever failed before.

The only people who like Gnome Shell are people who are very, very dumb.

By contrast, here is what happens when you remote in to a sane environment not written by oxygen-starved microcephalic morons:


Mar 22


Before the main body of my post, let me state that for the record that I do think there can be an evolutionary psychology.

Humans evolved and human brains are also evolved organs. Why would we think because brains got a bit larger that we were somehow immunized from evolutionary pressures and limitations? Not too damn likely. Thinking anything else is kinda idiotic.

That said, most evopsych is claptrap. Just poor, poor science. Misogynistic, retrogressive, deleterious to humanity.

But it does speak to the extreme nutritional pressures humans have experienced in the past that now people would rather spend time convincing themselves that being fat is attractive and desirable rather than attempting to improve themselves where that’d actually be true.


That is to say, food trumps sex/reproduction for humans in the right economic conditions. Interesting in its own way. But pretending humans haven’t evolved is as offensively funny as the image above. And pretending that being the size of the average tractor-trailer is a natural human desirable state is just lunatic.

This post is a trainwreck but I worked too much this weekend and I ain’t care.

Mar 21


If I had infinite time, I’d learn ASL. This is so badass that it hurts my brain.

I think I’m a little bit in love with that woman just from a 1+ minute video.

Mar 21

Secure for the NSA

When Secure Boot was new, people like me who argued that it would be used to take away control and lock us out of our own computers were roundly laughed at, told we were alarmists and that it “wasn’t a big deal.”

Well just what I and others predicted would happen is happening.

I’m astounded by just how much people blindly trust corporations. What is that about?

By the way, Apple-branded computers are now more “open” than most machines that come with Windows. The infringing of SecureBoot on my rights to my own equipment will only increase this difference.

In other words, it’s easy to install Linux on my MacBook Pro. Not so much modern OEM boxes and that will only get worse.

We had the internet and computers that worked for us rather than for corporations, but as I’ve said before we were too fucking dumb to keep it.

Mar 21


The pop world needs more contraltos. Hanna Reid has a brilliant contralto voice. See for yourself.

Great range, too. I didn’t think she’d be able to hit all the notes on that song and have to fudge it, but she got ’em all.

Mar 19

Sharp pointy things

I like these photos but it annoys me when someone goes to all the trouble to do such a shoot and mucks about with the weapons like some five-year-old.

That’s not a cavalry sword. And where’s the sheath? An unsheathed sword on a horse actually riding into battle is going to lead for a very bad time for you, the horse or most likely both.

The reason I mention that is of course the horse and the uniform though not of any particular army most closely resembles a Union Civil War cavalry officer’s as far as I can tell.

Most commonly soldiers would have their sword clasped between their left leg and the horse or immediately behind their left leg. Most people are right-handed so that’s the best place for it.

Still, even then it was mostly for show. Swords were used minimally if at all in the Civil War.

Mar 18


Ah, this is a good question.

The first adult song I can remember being into is “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash. I must have been five or six and I’d put it on the old record player at my grandparent’s house over and over again.

This was well before Johnny Cash’s hipster renaissance, so I guess I’m a triple double hipster, eh? Must’ve been about 1980 or 1981.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Cash was at his best when someone else did the songwriting. It’s true for Ring of Fire and just as true when he later covered other works, too.