Apr 30

Love it or

America. Where being really fit and working hard to get that way is being “ill.”

My friends, what a country indeed.

I guarantee that if I could control (and I mean fully control 24 hours a day) anyone’s diet and fitness, I could make them thin and in shape.

The most valuable lesson I learned in the army is that some things might be very hard and uncomfortable, but they are still worth doing.

I said I wouldn’t post about this crap any more, but hey my blog, my rules.

As they say, deal with it. Or don’t. I ain’t care.

Apr 30

The Left left

This is why I want nothing to do with the conventional left.

Five cartoonists had just been killed by a death squad, and many on the left and the right seemed uncertain about which party had committed the greater offense.

Completely foul. Especially as the vast vast majority of the people — including most of the “educated” Left — didn’t actually understand any of the cartoons!

Political ideology as such is dead. Both sides of it. Something new might coalesce before we go extinct due to global climate change and the shutting down of the oxygen cycle.

But probably not.

Apr 30

Customer service so good it kicks

Working in customer service must be the most depressing, enervating job in all history.

I’ve never done so but in life I’ve noticed that the dumbest people also tend to be the loudest and most obnoxious on some sort of logarithmic scale.

Don’t know why this tendency is so prevalent in humans but it means that in many customer service jobs the majority of your interactions are likely to be with vociferous dimwits of the very worst kind.

I am glad I don’t really have “soft skills” to speak of. Because my very first job like that my childhood would come back  and I’d be flying over the counter and drop-kicking someone.

Apr 30

Not the laugh kind

Riots are the language of those who do not have the voice to express the loss of what they rightly know has been taken from them.

Are you paying attention to Baltimore now or not?

Then the riots worked.

Apr 30

One last time for the nostalgia

As I’ve seen more skinny shaming over the years, I’ve always wondered why so many people come up with so many excuses for why they are fat?

Does it seem to most people like something they have no control over?

It never seemed that way to me. It’s not your genetics. It’s not your conditions. No one but you puts the food in your mouth. Simple as that.

I always knew precisely why I was as large as a barge: I ate too goddamn much.

With a few quite minor and overestimated-by-most-people variations, weight is simply calories in, calories out.

I’d be a lot more prone to not smack down the FA movement at every turn if they didn’t constantly engage in anti-scientific skinny-shaming crap. They also promote really unhealthy ideas that directly harm people.

I grew up in a place where 30 years ago obesity was already as bad as it is now in the rest of America. I remember my friends and I would go to Burger King or the rib joint and see people order two plates of food and a “Diet Coke, cuz I’m watching my weight.” Ok then.

I’m almost tempted to gain 100 pounds and lose it again to demonstrate it can be done even by someone who is not a personal trainer.

But I do not like being hefty.

Antidote. Look at those triceps. Good lord that takes a lot of work. (I know just how much thanks to the army.)

(That’s Qimmah Russo, by the way.)

(Also by the way, of course having a body like that is not realistic for most people. It takes working out around two hours a day, bare minimum. I used to work out 2-4 hours every weekday. Did that for five years. So, yeah, I do know.)

Apr 29


Goddamn I did a lot of IT stuff today.

HyperV failover clustering.

Started creating a NetApp vfiler.

Various VMware tasks.

Worked on documentation of said HyperV cluster.

Installed a firewall remotely.

Created an IPSec VPN tunnel, tested it.

Explained how VOIP phone systems work.

Prepped a firewall for a site-to-site VPN connection.

And probably some other things I am forgetting.

Apr 28

Violets is the answer

It is a true fact (heh) that most of the the men that are “needed” to protect against violence would not be needed if there were no men.

I don’t think violence would be utterly absent in an all-female world.

But I do wonder how it’d be different. It probably would be, especially at first.

That is a singularity though of sorts and after that nothing is predictable.

Apr 28


Is this a good test? I couldn’t do this.

But when the doctor asked him to count backward from 100, subtracting seven from each number — 100, 93, 86, 79 — a look of confusion washed over his face.

I also would count as drunk all the time to most cops as I can’t recite the alphabet backwards. Oh, I can I guess but it takes me about 20 minutes. Maybe more.

My mind just does not work in those ways. And with numbers especially, I am utterly lost. I probably could eventually do the counting backwards by sevens thing but it also would take me a very very long time too.

And yet I can understand very complex systems lickety-split. But ask me to do a math problem more complex than basic algebra, it’ll be an age of the universe before I finish it.

Apr 27

XFCE and upgrading

Of all the desktop environments out there, I like XFCE the best.

It is solid, gets out of the way and doesn’t try to hide absolutely everything. It operates like a desktop environment should and not like some phone interface somehow incongruously grafted onto a desktop machine.

I also recently made the mistake of upgrading to WordPress 4.2 which completely changed how the “Press This” tool works. It now has most of its functionality removed, has been optimized for mobile usage and no longer has the features I need to post easily on Epicene Cyborg.

When will I learn? Since 2010 or so the rule has been: never upgrade anything.

I am unsure what I am going to do about my other site as what used to take me a few clicks now takes 10 to 100 times as long to do as it did before (from roughly 2-3 seconds to 20 seconds to 3-5 minutes depending on the complexity). I am not sure I will have time to maintain the site anymore due to the WordPress feature removals.

My partner and I were talking about this and she stated wisely that she was unsure of the wisdom of removing all features that power users depend on to make it simple enough that even your cat could post to your blog.

I don’t know either but designers (and wanna-be designers) seem intent on destroying anything useful. Removing features doesn’t make something easier to use. It just makes it useless.

I can no longer recommend WordPress as a blogging platform. It has been getting worse over the years and is now completely broken in most ways I care about.

Apr 26

Getting you to do the dirty work

Be aware that when people inveigh against and call for Reddit to be shut down that they (and perhaps you) are doing the dirty work of the class of (mostly) corporate types who want all such bastions of relatively free expression and thought to disappear from the internet.

This is who really wants Reddit shut down. It’s the same people who want university humanities departments to disappear. The same who want to turn public schools into corporate cloisters churning out rubber-stamping drones. The same who opposed the ACA (which I did as well, but for different reasons) and would prefer that people are chained to a corporation for their health care.

The truth is Reddit is as diverse as any site with millions and millions of members.

In true diversity one is going to encounter some unpleasantness.

It’s interesting that the neoliberals, corporatists and neoconservatives have successfully and quite intelligently adopted so much of the language, practices and even doctrine of leftist activists and social justice warriors — so much so that many of those types foolishly agree with them — to destroy so many humanistic and diverse enterprises.