Nov 30

Involving the police

I’m not black, but I was poor.

If you’re poor, you involve the police as an absolutely last resort. And sometimes not even then.

There are only three things that can happen as a poor person when you call the police:

  1. They arrest someone you love/need for rent and food.
  2. They arrest you.
  3. They kill you or someone you need/love.

Yeah, this happens more to black people. But poor people receive the brunt of police brutality and ill will, no matter their skin color.

When I was young the chances of my family calling the police about anything was very damn slim because of those three facts above.

Nov 29

Ludicrous speed on both sides

Much of evolutionary psychology is absurd, but it’s also fucking ludicrous to insist that neither men nor women were selected evolutionarily for features that were attractive to the other sex.

This is just the way it is, sorry, hurt feelings won’t change this. Evolution doesn’t give a crap about your wishes, beliefs, illusions or utopias.

That this even has to be stated is what’s absurd.

When ideology meets reality, I’m gonna choose reality every time.

Nov 28

We probably know

We now have an answer to the Fermi Paradox and what the Great Filter is — it’s climate change.

My opinion vacillates from day to day and week to week, but given human nature and our lack of any long-term scope, I think the chance of an actual civilization on this planet surviving climate change (rather than just ragtag nomadic bands of survivors with very low tech) is around ten percent.

Does every advanced culture experience climate change, thus dooming their civilizations as well? Not enough data to go on – but I doubt we are special, so even with the lack of information I think it likely.

The chance that we do anything substantive about climate change is almost nil. Liberals and conservatives, both being human, are just as susceptible to the same biases — the primary one being that because it’ll happen over hundreds of years, that it is not in fact a slow-motion apocalypse.

Most people can’t see beyond their own noses, so this is no surprise.

Humans are extremely maladapted to what’s happening now, and of course at the very worst time for it, old people who will experience no consequences of climate change are in charge and slurping up all resources for themselves.

It’d be a different world if 25-year-olds were in charge. Though other things would suffer, some correct decisions on climate change would be made and really, that’s the only meaningful decision domain there is today.

The rest really don’t matter at all long-term or even medium-term.

Don’t trust anyone over 30 indeed….

Nov 27

Don’t or won’t

I was re-reading this great post of Clarissa’s from a while ago and realized that I don’t trust people who don’t or won’t read fiction.

These are the usually extremely-dichotomous thinkers and those who also believe everything can and should be priced and then monetized.

But all these beliefs seem to usually go hand-in-hand with not reading or not understanding fiction. Or just despising it outright.

Nov 27


I once saw a saw a store called “The Shop.”

This made me conceive of other potential extremely generic store appellations.

So I thought of calling my potential retail operation “Commerce Activities.” Lately, I thought I’d go fully postmodern and call it “Consume. Acquiesce. Obey.” But then I might attract hipsters, and no one wants that. They are so hard to get rid of; traps and spraying do nothing.

Nov 26

iPad “Pro”

The iPad Pro is something I could never use to get anything done.

A device that doesn’t expose a real file system is something that is incompatible with serious work.

It might be fine for someone who does very little, but as a tool that real professionals use, it’s junk.

Nov 25


How do people fall for this?

I know that I am contrarian and incredulous as all hell, but just…what?

It’s brave of her to write about it. But my response would’ve been to laugh and hang up the phone. The IRS just doesn’t operate that way.

Nov 25

Welcome to the world

Hello, academics, and welcome to the world that non-academics have been enduring for 15 or so years now.

Not that non-academic job applications ask those specific questions, but along the same lines.

I’ve seen questions like these on job applications, with the responses I wished I’d sent:

Describe why you are a better fit than other candidates?

I don’t know the other fucking candidates. How the hell would I know? Isn’t that your job to figure out?

What makes you excited to work at (insert company here)?

It’s mainly the paycheck. And, you know, the paycheck.

And more. So many more. I’ve abandoned job applications because they wanted me to answer 10-15 essay-length questions.

The trials and tribulations that academics are put through generally lag behind the rest of the world 10-20 years, so it’s been interesting how as the crucible of modern hiring practices reach academia only then do you hear about it in the press (because these days only those who’ve gone to Ivies really are allowed to be in the mainstream press).

So welcome to the rest of the world, guys and gals! It’s not fun but we’re all in it together it turns out.