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Involving the police

By | November 30, 2015

I’m not black, but I was poor. If you’re poor, you involve the police as an absolutely last resort. And sometimes not even then. There are only three things that can happen as a poor person when you call the police: They arrest someone you love/need for rent and food. They arrest you. They kill… Read More »

Ludicrous speed on both sides

By | November 29, 2015

Much of evolutionary psychology is absurd, but it’s also fucking ludicrous to insist that neither men nor women were selected evolutionarily for features that were attractive to the other sex. This is just the way it is, sorry, hurt feelings won’t change this. Evolution doesn’t give a crap about your wishes, beliefs, illusions or utopias.… Read More »

We probably know

By | November 28, 2015

We now have an answer to the Fermi Paradox and what the Great Filter is — it’s climate change. My opinion vacillates from day to day and week to week, but given human nature and our lack of any long-term scope, I think the chance of an actual civilization on this planet surviving climate change… Read More »

Don’t or won’t

By | November 27, 2015

I was re-reading this great post of Clarissa’s from a while ago and realized that I don’t trust people who don’t or won’t read fiction. These are the usually extremely-dichotomous thinkers and those who also believe everything can and should be priced and then monetized. But all these beliefs seem to usually go hand-in-hand with… Read More »


By | November 27, 2015

I once saw a saw a store called “The Shop.” This made me conceive of other potential extremely generic store appellations. So I thought of calling my potential retail operation “Commerce Activities.” Lately, I thought I’d go fully postmodern and call it “Consume. Acquiesce. Obey.” But then I might attract hipsters, and no one wants… Read More »

iPad “Pro”

By | November 26, 2015

The iPad Pro is something I could never use to get anything done. A device that doesn’t expose a real file system is something that is incompatible with serious work. It might be fine for someone who does very little, but as a tool that real professionals use, it’s junk.


By | November 26, 2015

It’s hard to believe today, but 10 years ago Wikipedia was widely considered a doomed experiment. Yep, I remember that. Culture can change fast and people deny it was ever any different when it does.


By | November 25, 2015

How do people fall for this? I know that I am contrarian and incredulous as all hell, but just…what? It’s brave of her to write about it. But my response would’ve been to laugh and hang up the phone. The IRS just doesn’t operate that way.

Now Playing

By | November 25, 2015

Automated Scanning of Firefox Extensions is Security Theater (And Here’s Code to Prove It). This was always, always about control and power and nothing else. Mozilla’s approach is simply not how you do security. Hell, Mozilla’s approach is not how you build a browser that anyone wants to use. Mozilla has more morons per square… Read More »

Welcome to the world

By | November 25, 2015

Hello, academics, and welcome to the world that non-academics have been enduring for 15 or so years now. Not that non-academic job applications ask those specific questions, but along the same lines. I’ve seen questions like these on job applications, with the responses I wished I’d sent: Describe why you are a better fit than… Read More »