Dec 14

They have a cave troll…maybe

What I genuinely enjoy about the fat acceptance/celebration movement is that I often cannot tell and can find no way to ascertain when someone is trolling them and when they are making what they feel is a valid point. Poe’s Law, I know….

Like this.

I think this is not a troll as she makes other similar tweets and she is the size of a house (if that is her actual identity and photo).

But I truly cannot definitively tell. I’d say 70% chance not an Olog-hai and 30% chance troll. But god, I just don’t know.

One of the contradictions of modernity is that as empirical knowledge is solidified, social knowledge is de-codified and made yet another tradable commodity with all the newly-possible attendant representational distortions for purposes of signalling and tribal affiliation — all inherent to the relatively-novel ability for the previously-reliable signifiers to be obfuscated or self-generated.

Personae bloom in the shattered data stream like poppies colonizing a fire-marred slope.

OK, that’s a little too much social analysis for making fun of Miss Hammaspeikko. I’m out.

Dec 14


To see your public IP in Linux, this command’ll do it:

curl -s | sed -e 's/.*Current IP Address: //' -e 's/<.*$//'

Dec 03

Gold every year

America should petition the Olympic Committee to have mass shootings added as an official event.

Since we’re the only country that truly practices at said event we’d be sure to win gold every time.

What a country.

Dec 01

Does not compute

Why when some nutball Christian attacks a Planned Parenthood clinic does my side of the debate insist on identifying him (accurately) with his Christian dominionist fucked-up faction, but the same people will go off their rockers vituperating on why Islam has nothing at all in any way to do with why, say, it was Islamists who committed the attacks in Paris and not for instance Hindu believers?

Captain, I think I’ve detected a major inconsistency in belief shield harmonics.

Dec 01


If Apple does this, I will never get another iPhone. The same will be true of many people.

There is nothing special enough in the iPhone that will make me carry yet another stupid adapter. And Android isn’t great, but it works fine.

What is Apple thinking? No one cares about a thinner phone. I wish mine were thicker so its battery would last a week.