Jan 31

For the Fat Acceptance nuts

Angelique Kerber won the Australian Open with some very impressive strategic play. Worth watching the highlights at least if you like tennis and smart players (and I do like both). But I wanted to talk about the difference between “thick” as used by the FAs and what someone who is actually thick looks like.

Angelique Kerber is thick; I have large muscular thighs and Kerber’s (even when not being made to look larger by bouncing off the femur during play) are 50% again as big around as mine.


That is thick. Note that she still looks great because she’s in hella shape. Thick doesn’t mean you weigh 400 pounds. That’s just morbidly obese. A bit of a difference there, really.

Kerber is 5’8″ and 150 pounds according to official WTA stats — but those official stats are often old. From the photo and looking at a few older photos, I’m betting she weighs more than that now. I’d say about 165. But it’s all muscle so as noted looks amazing.

Jan 30

More hatred

More hatred of sex workers in the name of feminism.

This could be used for any job. Does any working class person take any job not out of economic necessity? Only prostitution is singled out because even most of those on the nominal left are extremely, extremely sex-phobic.

This is the stupidest argument I’ve ever heard.

Jan 30

Poettering is a moron

Wasn’t surprised to see that Lennart “I’m a moron” Poettering closed this systemd bug where you can brick your actual hardware by running rm on an improperly-rw mounted firmware fileystem.

The problem with open source is that one powerful person who is relatively clueless and untalented like Poettering can do a lot of damage that is nearly irreversible.

Sure, this can happen outside of open source too, but someone like Poettering is even more difficult to unseat once he or she seizes the reins because the feedback of profit doesn’t work quite the same way. That Poettering is doing this at the behest of Red Hat is clear, but Red Hat actually doesn’t care much either way about user experience (since they peddle enterprise solutions) so Poettering’s disruption of Linux’s ecosystem and destruction of sanity and security no matter how it is achieved is probably always to their net benefit (disaster capitalism in Linux form).

It’s always been a myth that you cannot damage hardware with software (back in the old days it was easily possible to destroy your CRT by setting improper modelines in xorg.conf) but not bricking your fucking system easily seems to be something that systemd and Poettering should be concerned with.

But his is the Way and the Light, and anyone else is not only wrong but also not properly enlightened.

Jan 29


I only use XFCE for a few minutes a day usually, but it’s nice to be in a desktop environment that doesn’t actively punish me for being smarter than an amoeba.

XFCE isn’t amazing, but it’s functional. And functional goes a long damn way these days compared to the horrors inflicted on us by others.

Jan 29

I’m not normal

Reading articles like this makes me realize how abnormal I am.

I’m sure this guy is right — but until I read the article I truly didn’t realize how big a basket of self-delusion and wishful thinking most people are. Like, I’ve read all kinds of cognitive psychology textbooks, etc., but it doesn’t sink in the way something of this nature does.

Do people really think and work like this? How do they live? How can you survive day to day with such poor self-assessment and self-control abilities?

Losing weight was remarkably easy for me. I lost 25%+ of my body weight because I decided to. I knew I could and I did.

When I read things like the linked article I don’t think that I am superior to other people but god, I am remarkably divergent in so many ways that it’s no wonder that I have such trouble dealing with so many people other than on the smalltalk level.

These articles are harmful, though — the only option is failure. The Homer Simpson “don’t even try” solution. So glad I didn’t go that route in my personal life.

Do people really have that much problem controlling what their hand picks up and places in their mouth? Why? I don’t understand. It’s just so easy for me to tell my hand not to. Even when I am hungry. But then I am so stubborn that books could be written about that.

But I just don’t understand; some fundamental incompatibility.

Jan 29

Politically dissect

I don’t write about politics much. Or Clinton or Sanders or Trump.

It’s because it doesn’t matter. Sure, in the short term who gets picked for the Supreme Court makes a difference to many lives. This is not nothing, I agree.

But in 70 or 90 or so years, there won’t be a Supreme Court. There probably won’t even be an America. People have no idea at all about how hard climate change is going to shatter the world. Even the clued-in are relatively clueless because no one knows much history and they can’t imagine that something like that can happen.

But it has, it can, and it will again.

Most apocalyptic prophecies are specious bullshit. But this isn’t prophecy. It’s just baked in (ha). It is the future, as inescapable as space-time itself.

I told my partner that talking much about who is going to win in 2016 is like arguing about what color underwear you’re going to wear as the house is in conflagration all around you.

Yeah, sometimes I pay attention as entertainment. But the truth is neither Clinton nor Sanders is going to do much of anything about climate change — and especially not on a global scale — and neither will anyone else.

So I get my jollies while I can, and am glad I’ll be dead before the worst comes.

Jan 28

You can’t spell asshole without SSL

This decision of Google’s to shame any non-SSL-based website has nothing at all to do with protecting their users.

It has everything to do with pushing people to Google’s services by making it harder for small businesses and others to create their own websites.

Have you ever installed a cert yourself? I have, and it’s not easy. Nothing about it is simple. It only takes me a few minutes now because I’ve done it dozens of times if not hundreds over a 15+ years IT career. But the first time I did it it took several days to get it all working.

People assume the good will of companies, and I can’t understand it. Have they never worked for a corporation? If there is any good will it’s all accidental because of a serendipitous alignment of user and corporate interests.

Google made the web better for a while but now it’s making it worse.

And so it goes.

Jan 27

Hire someone else

Who writes this shit?

Securities are fungible with cash. What, did this ninny think Apple had a huge pile of gold and dollar bills sitting in a vault somewhere Scrooge McDuck style that Tim Cook swims around in from time to time?

This is a financial journalist, apparently. Or what passes for one. And yet somehow has no idea about fungibility, how corporations finance ongoing operations (yep, even if they have a lot of “cash!”) or really how anything in that realm works.

Other than the should-be-illegal stashing money overseas to avoid taxes, a company like Apple is engaging in a few different tactics — with its reserves, it’s making more somewhere than it’s paying out on its own bonds. And it can smooth out various expenditures by funding ongoing operations with bond sales (as well as other advantages).

I’m constantly surprised by what I read on various sites where you think you’d find expertise. You just don’t.

And when interest rates are ridiculously low it absolutely makes sense to borrow a lot of money while keeping cash elsewhere in other securities.

This whole article is a storehouse of fail.

Jan 27

How many

I see posts all the time like “Ate a healthy lunch today.”

By healthy, usually meaning low-calorie (they think) and such. Most of the time, it’s something like the above photo.

That’s a caesar salad and what, cottage cheese and peach? Or potato salad with cheese? Either way, hugely caloric. And Odwalla drink.1,200 calories or so, easy.

By contrast, my lunch was somewhere around 500 (k)calories — and that’s a big lunch for me. The average American’s lunch is more than I eat most days total.

How can you be so self-delusional and wildly wrong about something so obvious?

Even this article on Ars Technica — usually a bastion of reason — is 90% bullshit and 10% science. Especially since they don’t seem to realize that most people wildly underreport their calorie counts. Self-reporting does not work when people even lie to themselves.

I think more than any chemical, etc., fantasy-based thinking contributes to obesity.