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Blat her

By | July 30, 2016

Here I blather on about why I can’t get aboard the Hillary Clinton train. I won’t reiterate what I wrote there. I truly do understand the idea of voting for Clinton because of her gender and because of the vast and vile misogyny she’s faced over the years. But damn, I just wish there were… Read More »

Immi not great

By | July 30, 2016

About the immigration debate: why we are supposed to conclude against all evidence that mass immigration of millions of people either explicitly or de facto opposed to Western liberal values is not harmful to the societies into which they are immigrating? I’m not talking about terrorism, though that’s a part of it. I’m talking about… Read More »


By | July 29, 2016

Fuck, I thought I was going a little nuts. But turns out I wasn’t — at least not in the way that I suspected. Scientists and journalist have sworn over and over in numerous articles that no one ever claimed or wrote that a new ice age might be imminent during the 1970s and 1980s,… Read More »


By | July 29, 2016

So strange to see something from one’s small hometown just pop up on Reddit. Before I even read the words (there are numerous towns yclept “Lake City” in the US) I recognized the streetscape behind the sign. Funny how a place gets into your brain like that. For the interested — all none of you… Read More »

Why I’d never live

By | July 29, 2016

The reason this guy declined a job offer from Amazon is the same reason I’d never live in a “hub” American city again: Seattle, Los Angeles, NYC, or any place like that. Right now, I make a fairly high salary in a pretty cheap area. Not as inexpensive as most of Florida, but my salary… Read More »

Same same

By | July 28, 2016

Review: Radiohead Revels in the Key of Dread. Well, I dread hearing a Radiohead song, and I find it dreadful when someone accidentally torments my ears with one. They are the band that I find it most inexplicable that anyone can like. Well, there’s the old rancor-ready standby Nickelback, but at least all their songs… Read More »

Trade made

By | July 27, 2016

I feel bad for all ya’ll on the other side of my trades. Not bad enough to not take your money, but still bad. Hope that is some consolation.


By | July 27, 2016

Barb forever. Barb strongly reminded me of someone I knew in school. Thirteen years. The moment I saw the character, literally, I said “That’s Della.” The Barb I knew even had red hair and dressed so similarly to Barb in Stranger Things that they could’ve traded wardrobes in some time machine incident and no one… Read More »

Dirty dealing

By | July 26, 2016

Now that we know for sure that the DNC and Clinton campaign were up to some dirty dealing, expect supporters of Clinton to minimize her and the DNC’s obvious corruption while claiming it’s all (somehow) the fault of mythical BernieBros. Something like 80% of Americans believe the country will be on the wrong path with… Read More »


By | July 25, 2016

The office I work in has smarter-than-average people, even for an IT shop. For instance, I just heard someone discussing cosmology (pretty accurately) on a personal phone call. Specifically, he was discussing the Cosmological Principle, and how the universe is homogeneous and isotropic — that is, it appears the same from all positions and from… Read More »