Jun 24

Doom in view

Why Firefox is doomed.

Biggest strategic mistake any organization of its size has made in a while, the idiocy that Mozilla is about to inflict on itself. Like a lot of very smart people who don’t understand strategy or the social realm very well, they will never comprehend why it’s a mistake or why Firefox will be effectively dead in five years or so.

If Mozilla were a publicly-traded stock, I’d be shorting it so hard its short interest ratio would go up noticeably just because of me.

Always bet against smart people getting things like this right on purpose and you’ll never lose.

Will be sad to see Firefox go, though. I’ve been using it nearly every day for 13+ years now.

Jun 22


I just can’t get on board with the Tesla and SpaceX hatred so popular in the leftist community.

Our society needs more big, outlandish projects, not fewer of them.

And with Solar Roof and related technologies, Tesla will probably reduce carbon emissions more than all the leftist carping and caviling has done in the history of the world.

Are these the right big outlandish projects? Maybe not. But most of the left’s idea of a world-changing project is to scold someone for cultural appropriation if they eat Chinese food.

Who is going to win that battle of ideas?

Hint: it won’t be the idiots grousing that some white woman wore a kimono.

Jun 22

Syrup rises

I am always surprised by the stupid-ass garbage Democrats think they can prove with data when they don’t even understand what they are looking at.

No sociological examination of what tends to occur under conditions of economic anxiety, or what shifted those views. No comprehension of that you can’t use racism to both explain why someone voted for Obama in 2008 and 2012 and then for Trump in 2016.

This is all to support the narrative of, “Oh, these people are just deplorables, racists, all! And going after their vote is pointless and shall ever be.”

Never mind how many of them would’ve voted for Bernie if he’d been the nominee, or that often the actual views of these “deplorables” align more closely with a socialist slant.

I know, I know, Echidne and people like her had all their hopes and dreams wrapped up in the very flawed, terrible candidate that was Clinton. I understand.

But fucking hell, at least make an effort to have some deeper outlook on it all than, “Stupid racist white people vote for the white man because they hate immigrants, Muslims, black people and always will! Screw them!”

This is how and why the Democrats will lose again in 2018, and 2020.

Jun 21


You can tell the war against knowledge is ramping up by how heavily philosophy is being attacked and besmirched of late.

Of all the humanities, philosophy delves the deepest into how do we know that we know something, why we believe what we believe, how to determine what we are actually achieving when we think we are undertaking something, and ascertaining if our “logical” assumptions actually comport with how the universe or human reasoning actually functions. That is, among many other topics and examinations in the field.

Thus, it is extremely, extremely dangerous. More dangerous than any “empirical*” science because it has the power to overturn entirely the way humans think about the world. To be glib, change your mind, the world changes with it.

That is exactly why philosophy and its practice is such a huge threat.

Socrates was put to death for a reason.

*I’m not denigrating empiricism per se, but rather observing that many think they are practicing empiricism when they very much are not.

Jun 20


I know it’s incredibly unpopular to say this, but IPv6 was designed by idiots.

And no, it’s not because I don’t understand it. I understand it fine. Because I understand it quite well and have deployed it in the real world is exactly why I abhor it.

Jun 18


I appreciate that Mozilla is undertaking initiatives like this. I really do.

But in the most important ways, they have become hostile to their users by destroying their add-on community and making many developers flee in disgust.

Without the add-ons that allow greater control of the browser, there is just no long-term reason to use Firefox compelling enough to matter.

It’s sad, but it’s true. Making the browser a little faster won’t change a now years-long history of terrible decisions and user hostility.

Jun 18


I’m still thinking about this piece, but wanted to highlight a great paragraph found therein.

His study makes no pretension to scientific, or rather pseudoscientific, quantification, for example by first defining random groups of dictators and intellectuals and then administering structured questionnaires to the intellectuals about their attitude to the dictators. This kind of precision is often mistaken for rigor, but measurement is not meaning, and humans inhabit a world of meaning.

“Measurement is not meaning.” Four words that I’ve written entire screeds about, less successfully.