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By | September 30, 2017

The Mayor of San Juan is wading through sewage, searching for people with a bullhorn while @realDonaldTrump insults her on twitter. — Jason Kander (@JasonKander) September 30, 2017 Carmen Yulín Cruz in 2020! While it’s not completely clear if someone from Puerto Rico can become president, it’s almost certainly a yes. Yep, I have… Read More »

Holden it in

By | September 30, 2017

I thought all the Holden factories had already closed — not just the particular one where the SS was made — but it’s actually in October of this year. In the photos you can see the Aussie version of my car, including the ute version which looks quite odd to my eyes.

Hi-C, IQ

By | September 30, 2017

I know what my IQ is, depending on the test, but I think it’s very inapplicable to me and irrelevant because the more mathematical-ish the test, the worse I do. Is my IQ 78 or 160+? Well, which test was it? Both are “valid” results according to the establishment, though I am also told by… Read More »

Sixth Harmony and beyond

By | September 30, 2017

Myth: People at home will slack offReality: Offices are distraction- and interruption-creating machines — Brendan Nyhan (@BrendanNyhan) September 29, 2017 I’ve noticed that when I work from home, on average I complete the tasks that normally take me all day when I’m in the office by around 1PM, and still attend all the same… Read More »

Just like celery

By | September 29, 2017

It’s interesting that if a man did this, it’d be horrendous misogynist stalking behavior. It was there that he met Gerie Simmons (now Lonzarich). The pair had admired each other from afar before she engineered their meeting by pretending to need a physics tutor; they married in 1967. Does there need to be a double… Read More »

Weight it out

By | September 28, 2017

Wait, there are really men who believe women can’t fire guns…because they are too heavy? Or because the recoil is too large? I love when men are like "women can't lift guns! unrealistic!" at movies. An AK-47 weighs less than a baby. — Alice Goldfuss (@alicegoldfuss) September 27, 2017 I’ve fired an AK-47 (and an… Read More »


By | September 28, 2017

I wish I could undonate any money I donated to Mozilla. Maybe I’ll break into their office and steal a few things. That’s kind of like undonating, right? A few dozen staplers, some office supplies. Nothing major.

Baby Out

By | September 28, 2017

If I were a Firefox extension developer, I’d never touch FF again. They’ve massively changed — often without documentation or explanation — their development model three times in under eight years. I’d not only throw in the towel, I’d set the towel on fire, splash some gasoline everywhere, then burn the whole motherfucker to the… Read More »


By | September 27, 2017

Using the new Firefox a bit today. I like to torture myself and enrage myself I guess. The old versions of Firefox were like my SS, though less so over the years: powerful, capable, adroit. The new version is like a Toyota Echo: designed to baby you, can’t do much, but you can look stupid… Read More »