Sep 27

Once Again I Don’t Leave My Grave

I’ve never been so angry for so long at someone who wasn’t a person as I am about what Mozilla is doing to Firefox, and how cavalier and hostile the organization is about the whole decision. The dev arrogance (though typical) is astounding.

They are digging their own grave, but alas that it harms me, too.

Sep 27


It makes me very angry that any other Democrat besides Hillary Clinton would’ve won the election easily over a chump like Trump. Now we have to live with four years of this shit, and morons like Kendzior and Drum going on about how Bernie Sanders and Russians sabotaged the coronation.

It turns out — as I’ve noted previously — that when you nominate one of the most disliked people in history for a high office (no matter what the reasons are for that dislike) that person tends to lose.

It was malpractice to do that — no matter why Hillary Clinton was disliked. You nominate who can win, not who “deserves” it or to defeat sexism.

Again: any other democrat including a dead carp, as long as it was a Democrat, could’ve won in 2016 over Trump.

Fuck all Clinton cheerleaders and those responsible for anything to do with her. You all gave us Trump and now you need to own it as it is your fault.

Sep 27

Les chiffres

The French numbering system is terrible. Finally memorized it all to save time, but damn. It makes the English system look sane and sensible.

For instance, 98 in English: ninety eight.

In French: quatre-vingt-dix-huit

That is quatre-vingt: “four times twenty”; dix: “ten”; huit: “(plus) eight.”

So, yes, that’s how you represent 98 in French. Four times twenty and ten plus eight.

French numbers are like the Powershell of numericity.

Sep 27


After the AT&T fiber installer was done laying in the 1Gb symmetrical fiber connection to our place, we ran a speedtest on my main box. It produced near-gigabit results.

The installer said, “Yours is the only home setup I’ve actually seen where the customer has the right everything to get real gigabit, even though they order it anyway.”

I work in IT. What kind of idiot would I be if I order a gigabit line and couldn’t use it? The kind of idiot AT&T likes, probably.

Anyway, I’d order 10Gb if they’d sell it to me. (Though I’d have to upgrade a few things then.)

Sep 26


This is nice and all, but I will never, ever, ever ride a bike on a road in the US, and especially not in the South.

Why? People will fucking kill you, that’s why. Some deliberately, out of anger, but most because they are bad and inattentive drivers.

Literally every person I’ve ever known here who is an avid biker has had at least one bad accident involving a car.

I don’t like hospitals. Don’t want to spend time in one so I can make a liberal smile. And I like riding bikes. I wish I could do it. But I’ve already put my life at risk enough times. I must be running out of lives at this point, so biking on streets of death is not for me.

Sep 26

Where I Chrome

Now using Chromium as my browser about the half the time. When Firefox 57 comes out, that’ll be the end for me with Firefox. Only one of the extensions I use will ever work in the new, “improved” Firefox, so if they want to make a Chrome clone, I might as well use that.

Sep 26

Happens all the time

This is manifestly untrue. I gained well over 15 pounds of muscle in only two months in US Army basic training.

I went from 135 pounds to 153 pounds from early September 1994 to late October of the same year. And yep, it was muscle — had my body fat ratio measured.

A more accurate sentence would read, “Nearly no women can gain 15 pounds of muscle in 3 months.”

I build muscle very quickly and even at my age I think I could still put on 15 pounds of muscle in 3 months if I trained like I did in the Army.

(At my largest in the Army, I was around 174 pounds with 8% body fat. But then, I worked out four hours a day, 5-6 days a week.)

Sep 24

MaDE in America

When you leave the US and go to basically anywhere else in the Western world, you realize how much the US has regressed in relation to the rest of its direct comparisons. The US is not approaching third world status as many claim.

It’s already well there.

Sep 21


All ya’ll realize that Puerto Ricans are American citizens, right? It’s not a foreign country, which is the way I see the press and most people talking about it.