Sep 30


I’m not surprised that in general people are against space exploration. Pretty much without fail, in all times and places, people have been against exploration if it were non-colonial in nature.

Except in rare cases like the Polynesians and their highly unusual culture, humans just really aren’t that curious or that enterprising in general.

Space exploration might be a dead end. Might be worthless, pointless, and without any merit at all. But the thing is…you don’t know until you go.

Sep 30


I really like millennial and Gen Z humor. The absurdist dada yet warm nihilism is innately appealing to me.

Sep 30


It’s kind of petty and mean, but the third or fourth reason I want to work out more and get buff again is because it’ll make the Fat Acceptance/Celebration types angry.

Yes, like I said, petty, but those people are destructive and annoying.

Sep 29

Second most

After discovering the absurd effectiveness of propaganda, the second most surprising thing I realized fully only as an adult is that how much that “everyone knows” is either completely wrong or so simplistic as to be effectively wrong.

Sep 29


I hate two-factor authentication and wish I could opt out of it eternally everywhere.

It’s never protected me from a thing, but has prevented me from logging into many sites and services ever again.

I don’t need or want 2FA on anything.

Sep 29


I had a strange dream that I was hanging out with Charlize Theron and she was playing classical music. She chose a Ravel piece that does not in fact exist in real life.

Because she is very rich, she had nice and futuristic stereo equipment.

Sep 28


Yes, that is exceedingly odd, but it’s the same in music. For instance, all women musicians are “guilty pleasures” to most dudes.

All I hope is that one day soon I can again lift weights like a girl:

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Worked up to 405 at my #deadliftparty for my birthday 😀 I reallllly wanted to hit a PR on my birthday this year but 10 days ago I strained one of my adductors, so I’ve been resting and made a promise to myself I would go by honest feel, only take 3 singles total, and if everything felt great still only work up to 90% of what I was originally planning on hitting. Everything felt great better than I could have ever hoped, a little slow, so I did 370, 390, 405 for my attempts. Pretty thrilled overall with this. 450 you’re still mine, just later in the year 🙂 . #deadlift #deadlifts #deadliftday #favoriteday #powerlifting #zelda #girlswhopowerlift #powerliftingwomen #birthdaydeadlifts #birthdaycelebration #mykindofparty #nerd #nerdfitness

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