Nov 30

12 Percent

Only 12 percent of American adults are metabolically healthy, study finds.

I can believe it. Have you walked outside and looked around? If I were transported from the 1980s, I’d be agog and aghast at all the just enormous people everywhere. It’s gone from fairly uncommon to just normal in less than a human lifetime. It makes me particularly sad when I see kids under 10 or 12 who weigh far more than I do.

And so much for HAES.

They found that less than 1 percent of obese adults are metabolically healthy.

That was always a scam, likely sponsored by food companies — but nice to have a bit of definitive proof to point to.

Nov 30

The Algorithm is Always Right

Google’s attempt to “correct” your searches almost never works. So why do they do it? Didn’t they test it? Aren’t these supposed to be the smartest people in the world? (Chuckles.)

The answer is that Google doesn’t care if the algorithm works well. In fact, it’s better if it does not (for them). The reason is that they are attempting to herd you, not help you. If you get used to shoddy results that aren’t really what you are seeking, all the better.

A shocking number of people (like John Scalzi, Kevin Drum and those morons at Grumpy Rumblings of the Untenured) somehow believe that corporations are out to to help them. I have no idea how they can believe this, but it seems a particularly prevalent cognitive error among Baby Boomers and economists. Regardless of what they think, corporations are very much not out to help you. In fact, they don’t give a crap about you at all.

Google is prodding you the direction they want you to roam, then putting up a fence and telling you that’s the entire world. Most people, it seems, are just fine with that.

Nov 30

Deception: The Adult Default

Why do people feel the need to lie to their kids so much? That’s what most struck me about this piece. My parents lied to me all the time — I always caught them and it made me extremely angry every time.

Luke and Lucy crawled into my lap. Henry looked afraid. Theo asked what happened.

“Her heart stopped working,” I said. It was true, it did stop working. We would tell Henry and Theo the rest later, in private.

When I was six years old and my friend Aubrey explained to me how her mom died in detail, I didn’t think much of it. That she knew the particulars (even the word “aneurysm”) was just a fact of life. But as I got older I respected her father and her aunt so very much for telling Aubrey when she was only five exactly how her mother died. It helped her grieve, to understand, and to heal. It gave her a story based in reality to build another life from that wouldn’t be destroyed later as she realized all the adults around her had deceived her.

Most kids understand much, much more than adults believe, and get extremely furious and indignant when you lie to them, even if they never show you that face. And trust me, kids almost always know when you lie to them.

Nov 29


In the galactic core of the Milky Way, the survival time of an unshielded human is only a few hours.

Don’t go there, is what I’m saying. Well, won’t find my own planet there, I guess.

Nov 29

Which Pixel

If you list a million dollar house and land, why you gonna put up some photos that appear to have been taken on a 2003 Fisher Price kid’s digital camera?

What buyer you trying to attract there, exactly? One who imagines looking at their compound through a glaze of jam and goo? I don’t understand what people are thinking here. It’s not hard to take decent photos.

Nov 29


I’ve found it’s extremely hard for me to overeat now that I’ve been eating at calorie restriction and calorie maintenance for a long time.

It’ll really help me build muscle if I do eat a bit too much, which is my goal, but even trying to eat two pieces of pizza for lunch instead of one the other day, I just couldn’t finish the second one. Totally full. At least I managed to eat most of it.

Going to be doing lifting tonight (arms, chest) so I will need those calories for a better workout and so that I actually make some gains. Let’s see how today’s lunch goes.

Nov 29


I’ve long said that the main difference between Democrats and Republicans is that the Democrat would feel genuinely sorry for stabbing you in the heart and even apologize for it after, but would still do it anyway, while the Republican would gloat before and after about the stabbing.

Results, though, are the same.

Nov 28


Any Neil deGrasse Tyson type who thinks that philosophers aren’t astoundingly precise in their language hasn’t read much philosophy. Many philosophers’ utterances make equations look sloppy and ill-defined.

Nov 28

Pondering and Wondering

Still thinking about the “open borders” beliefs of much of the Left. While it is true that at one time there were no documents required for international travel — no passports, visas, etc. — we do not live in that world any longer. What proof is that older world of anything? We also used to torture cats for amusement and burn witches. Using the past as a guide will often only guide you into a crevasse.

The Left is correct that there does exist much inequity that needs to be addressed and that much (though not all, as they claim) of the refugee and migrant crisis is the fault of rich Western countries.

However, for much of the Left the IYI answer is to allow everyone to migrate from a poor country to a rich country. This both destroys over time the rich country and the poor country — I hope for obvious reasons or you might also be an IYI. This does not scale and simply cannot work unless you wish everyone (rather that some) to be immiserated and to also make life much worse for Western women.

It’s clear that for the Left, open borders is a religious belief, not a well-considered position but it’s still worth contemplating the idea intellectually as not all ecclesiastical ideas are by necessity bad. The conclusion is that it works fine for a religious belief but rationally and from a risk perspective open borders makes little sense. Attempting to address inequity and iniquity where it lives is a better answer; this will improve lives everywhere, rather than just a few lives for a little while so some Lefties can feel righteous.