Jan 31

Mustelid Murine

Yep. I’ve worked my ass off (actually, my ass size has increased, but you know what I mean) for going on five months now and people are just now noticing any difference. I could tell, but to most people it wasn’t apparent.

And I’m working out much harder than even most lifters do! For instance, the day before yesterday I did squats, leg curls, leg lifts, scissor kicks, calf raises (all of 30+ reps with weights, the bodyweight ones 90+ reps), and then yesterday I did deadlifts (135×7 warm-up, 225×5, 295×5, 245×5, 245×5 fast as I could do them), and then I took a nap and did pull-ups until I couldn’t do them anymore, dumbbell presses, isolation curls, tricep extensions, and then chest flies — all of 30+ reps with as much weight as I could lift.

That’s two days of working out and that is typical for me. That is just about as much working out as you can do without overtraining. In fact, today, I am not doing anything as literally everything is sore.

My point is that it takes great effort, even for men, to get more muscular. No one is going to accidentally look like Hugh Jackman. It’s just not a thing that can happen. I’m pushing my body as hard as I possibly can right now and though it is changing, it is slow. It’ll take 2-3 years more of this to get truly muscular again.

Jan 31

Never Submit

YA Twitter Forces Rising Star Author to Self-Cancel.

The only sane and rational response to a Twitter mob, or a social justice mob, is to never defend, never explain, never apologize. Once the SJW types taste blood in the water the feeding frenzy is joined and it won’t stop until complete submission.

So you can never cede an inch, even if you are wrong, as you won’t get a second chance. Zhao’s response should have been something like, “The novel is not for you, then. Don’t read it. Do something more important with your time. And screw off.”

Anything else is inviting further abuse.

Jan 31


This is a great graphical representation of the fact (that some people still deny, bizarrely) that what matters has gotten more expensive, and the irrelevant has gotten cheaper. It is adjusted relative to inflation:

From here. Their conclusions are wishy-washy and/or wrong, but the data is fine.

Jan 31


Yes. Every age, believes it and sometimes it’s true: we are on the precipice of great and terrible things. The next 100 years are going to be something else. If there are any historians afterward, they will have a lot to write about.

Jan 30

Of Quartz

How does stuff like this get past fact checkers? It’s from this article.

Watches powered by quartz were invented in the 1980s—they were much more accurate, and powered by batteries that kept ticking without interruption much longer than any mechanical watch.

The first quartz wristwatch was invented and released in the late 1960s, and more were released from the early 1970s on.

In December 1969, Seiko produced the world’s first commercial quartz wristwatch, the Seiko-Quartz Astron 35SQ[20] which is now honored with IEEE Milestone.[21] The Astron had a quartz oscillator with a frequency of 8192 Hz and was accurate to 0.2 seconds per day, 5 seconds per month, or 1 minute per year.

So, only off by more than a decade. No biggie. You should hire me to be your fact checker. This kind of crap will never make it through.

Jan 30


I remember when just about every woman had hair like that. Well, every woman in the early- to mid-1980s between 20-35 years old. My mom, my aunts, nearly everyone in the grocery store, most of the women on TV, etc.

It was not a good look.

Jan 30

Can Not See

What a time we live in, friends, where wanting free speech, true equality, and the greatest freedom for the greatest number of people makes you a Nazi and just a wicked and terrible person.

Sure, morals change, ideals change, but I never thought I’d live in a time where the left was banging the war drums, lost in conspiracy-ville, and where identity was more important than anything else.

Hope the moral winds shift again, and soon. This isn’t working except for a few, and they are all ultra-rich.

Jan 30

Xbox Waves

What if we do detect extraterrestrial radio transmissions and it’s not as we think the secrets of the universe or even a mathematical formula to say “hello,” but instead the equivalent of an interstellar 12-year-old on Xbox Live telling us what he’s going to do to our mom.

With the way trolling and griefing seem to increase as the tech level goes up, would this now surprise anyone?

Jan 29


I wonder if Mozilla is aware of just how many people now despise the organization and how much that matters? Probably not, because people like me get banned from discussing it.

I’ll be glad when they are fucking dead as an org and so will many others. At this point, they are just in the way and not doing any good.