Mar 31


I watched the first episode of the show Santa Clarita Diet. It was ok. Some funny lines and obvious satire.

The most notable part of it is that I’d never seen Timothy Olyphant not play the brazen tough guy before, and until this show I didn’t know if that was just close to his personality or if he could actually act. Turns out he actually can act as he very much is kind of a semi-passive wisecracker in this show.

Mar 31


But, about the below movie, I’d forgotten how great Jamie Lee Curtis was in the film. She’s underrated, and she makes the film far better than it should’ve been.

Her monologue in the interrogation room, all alone, disheveled and bewildered, could not be more perfect.

Mar 31

Different Lies

I was watching part of the movie True Lies earlier, looking for a scene that I liked. Found the scene, but what was striking about the movie is how different its tone felt and how distant its cultural cues were from our own assumptions and certitudes.

The most noticeable difference was the constant and casual blatant misogyny. That’s rarely seen nowadays and that absence is a huge improvement. I mean, a main character actually says in the movie, “Women: can’t live with ’em. Can’t kill ’em” as a laugh line. Not only is that idiotic, it was clichéd even in 1994 — it was thus bad writing and misogynistic.

However, on the brighter side, it was taken as an absolute given that the fourteen-year-old female character (Eliza Dushku, I’d forgotten she was even in the film) in the movie should have a life of her own and not be helicopter-parented into mute obedience — that she should be able to go places and do things without adult supervision or even adult knowledge. That is extremely different than now. Also, sex is discussed more openly and obviously without the pervasive sense of shame and vague judgemental disgust that even modern liberals now seem to coat any discussion of this topic in.

Also, people had more normal relationships as portrayed in the workplace, without constant worry about offense and surveillance (thus, no self-surveillance).

True Lies was released in 1994, right in the transition period from the more freewheeling times of the late 1980s and early 1990s, and though you can see the signs of this approaching prudishness and cloistered closed-mindedness, because it was made by people mostly of the earlier era it doesn’t really impinge that much.

But oh lord, the misogyny. It makes a lot of the film nearly unwatchable.

Mar 31

Benched It

Hit a new personal 1RM record on the bench press yesterday of 180 pounds at a bodyweight of 165. Crawling towards 200….

Mar 30

Mining Polanyi

“The danger was to the single enterprise—industrial, agricultural, or commercial insofar as it was affected by changes in the price level. For under a market system, if prices fell, business was impaired; unless all elements of cost fell proportionately, ‘going concerns’ were forced to liquidate, while the fall in prices might have been due not to a general fall in costs, but merely to the manner in which the monetary system was organized. Actually, as we shall see, such was often the case under a self-regulating market.”

-Karl Polanyi in The Great Transformation, on the danger of the financialization of society and the fiction of market self-regulation

Mar 30


Yes. Being dubious of censorship, not supportive of left-sponsored oppression, being against “feminist” abuse toward and cruelty to sex workers doesn’t make me a conservative.

If it’s conservative to want billionaires to have their wealth redistributed, to support a job guarantee for everyone, to wish for reparations for slavery and Jim Crow, to mandate that corporate boards be 50% women,  to support Medicare For All effective immediately, and to end all U.S. wars and close all overseas bases, then shit yeah, I guess I am a conservative.

Mar 30

Don’t Weight

Right on. I don’t blame women for being obsessed with height (some are really obsessed). It’s probably mostly genetic.

But weight verification should be mandatory, too. I’ll never use Tinder so doesn’t matter to me, but equality demands it.

Mar 29

Why Great

It’s such a different experience watching someone who actually knows a lot about music analyze something rather than the invariably-male music snobs who disdain anything made by women.

I’d forgotten Flea and Dave Navarro played on that song. Flea being there explains the great bass; always loved the bass line on that song. Les Claypool is technically more proficient but no one can lay down a groove quite like Flea, then or now.

And of course Morissette’s vocals are absolutely iconic; one of the best vocal performances ever recorded. I’m even more impressed with it after realizing how much of it is a single take — many modern pop songs are literally assembled word by word from 30+ different takes.

Mar 29

Unpopular Opinion #9,854

Nirvana’s Nevermind was not the best album of the 90s. Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill is far superior and holds up a lot better. It still seems relevant today while Nevermind feels like an antique.