Mar 29

Gone Live

We’re already living in a nascent new epoch, but nearly nearly every person alive (and 99.95%+ of those over 40) is possessed of a mind that is still of the age now departed. These liminal times are very dangerous but also ripe with opportunities.

This is forging new minds by the thousands every day. The consequences will be indeterminate but vast.

Mar 29

Unpopular Opinion #8,972

In the future, by historians and interested amateurs alike, there will be no distinction made between the literal Nazis and the rest of us, due to our non-response to climate change and the likely billions of deaths it will cause.

An historian 1,000 years from now will see Nazism and the resulting mega-deaths as a minor extension and necessary prior condition preceding the cataclysm and resulting wars, slaughter and genocides that capitalism-caused climate change will inevitably spawn.

Nazism, despite its name, was after all just an intensification of capitalism and a result of following it to its natural ends — just as is climate change and its nearly-identical causes.

The rest is evident.

Mar 29

Under 20

I took this test. Note that this isn’t actually a test of VO2 Max, but just an estimate. However, I answered accurately on all questions so it is probably pretty close.

Screen Shot 2019 03 29 at 11 32 11 AM

Not bad. I am about as fit now as I was at 20, but not as fit as I was at 22.

Mar 29

Put the Sass in Assassin

Because in the real world, middle-of-the-road assassins have a very short lifespan. Even “elite” ones don’t live that much longer, generally, though there are some exceptions.

Though there is a show like this already. It’s called Barry, and it wasn’t to my taste but others might find it appealing.

Mar 29


Over the past 6-8 months, I’ve trained on weightlifting about as hard as a human possibly can without overtraining — and not just for my age group. For anyone.

The results are that I’ve gotten approximately twice as strong on most exercises — some a little more, some a little less. I’ve lost a bit of fat (wasn’t trying to lose fat, but did anyway) and gained ~10 pounds of muscle.

I don’t advise anyone else to do what I did. Most would probably end up in the hospital. The reason I could do it is I already did it in my 20s so I knew what I was capable of and importantly, how to self-monitor for injury. It has been the best thing I’ve done for myself in a long time and as I’ve already written I feel immensely better.

It feels pretty amazing being strong again, I have to admit.

Mar 29

Let’s Not Talk About Sex

Of the major Western cultures, the US is by very far the most prudish and the most hypocritical about sex. In some ways, it is more hypocritical than more authoritarian and repressive cultures because the values and “progressiveness” claimed is mostly for show and surface-level only. And liberals are some of the worst prudes around because not only are they hypocritical but they believe their “reduction of harm” strategies are anything but what they are, which is an attempt to reduce dating market competition and to enforce assortative mating.

Mar 27


One of the main reasons I am not able and will never be able to get on board with the liberal project fully is that an article of faith (and I use “faith” here deliberately) among most of the left is that people should live in immiserated conditions as a punishment for past sins.

I don’t think this is the way the world must work, or even can work, even in the context of attempting to mitigate or adapt to climate change. If I thought it’d even help, I might have some tolerance for this self-flagellation. But alas this idea of redemptive suffering — firmly a Judeo-Christian ideal from those who mostly claim to be agnostics and atheists — has no moral or expiative value of any kind.

It’s a dead end ideologically and pragmatically. Most people who aren’t die-hard liberal flagellants will never get behind such an undertaking, and certainly none of the center or the right will be much swayed by the dream of living in a concrete box and licking algae out of glass containers. It’s not so much a plan as a dream of remission of sin and of ascetic transcendence via self-abnegation, which is needless to say something most people have absolutely no interest in.

Mar 27

The Dirty Secret

The dirty secret of calculus is that most people who take and pass calculus don’t actually understand calculus. They just memorize the 100 or so common cases and formulae, recognize those in the problem sets, transform those into what they know, and solve programmatically without comprehending what they are doing even a little bit.

To be fair, I think the above is true of most of education, not math alone. But it’s kind of funny all the people who claim to be superior intellects because they can solve a canned problem — yet they can’t think their way out of a paper bag when it’s not pre-digested and can’t at all handle a real-world problem that has no answer in the back of the book.

Mar 27


What kind of wack-ass dipshit thought that I’d ever want a website to send me notifications of anything?