May 31


Modern Liberals:

If your partner is not algorithmically chosen, and precisely matched to you in every approved way, it’s morally wrong! Loving what “liberalism” has become.

(Yes, I know the tweet is satire. However, it’s satire that strikes very close to the truth as people care incredibly much about proper assortative mating. And couch it in terms of protection from harm, while mostly removing women’s agency.)

May 31

Won’t Be Long

It probably won’t be long (if it hasn’t already happened) that not eating trash fake meat “food” is also equated by capitalists with racism, since global climate change will harm mostly non-white people more than others in general. As capitalism by its very nature co-opts and subverts anything it can for greater profits, it’s a logical extension of equating anti-globalization with inherent racism.

If I were doing PR for these fake food crooks and I had no conscience, I’d be hammering this hard already.

“Impossible Burger: Eat This, Or You Hate Bangladeshis”

“Beyond Meat: What You Eat When You Aren’t a Nazi”

Ok, the push will be slicker than that, though that’ll be the gist. But I betcha it’ll happen. Why would it not?

May 31

You Probably Don’t

One huge advantage of banning cars from cities in favor of mass transit is that it’d keep people like me mostly out of your cities. In general, this would be a win for everyone. I am a grumpy, ornery bastard and no one wants me in their city.

May 31


Many STEM folks have this problem. They also tend not to understand satire at all and have problems with comprehending humor in general.

We do not usually get along.

May 31

Jack Hack

I will never use wireless earbuds or headphones for a phone or anywhere else. That’s just absurd. Have you heard the audio quality of those things? It’s like listening to a drunk fish ululate into a metal garbage can in the bottom of the ocean. Yes, even the “good” ones. And I don’t even care about audio quality that much so when I think it’s bad, it’s bad.

It’s all just a ploy to have people buy very expensive devices that are extremely easy to lose — over and over again.

May 31

Looking the Wrong Way

I refuse to believe my name is too difficult for people to pronounce.

Oh, who cares. People mispronounce my name all the time and I have one of the easiest names in the English-speaking world. I’ve heard every variant of both my first and last name imaginable and some that aren’t. And this cacology is all committed by native English speakers, by the way.

Names are hard because they can be pronounced in numerous different ways even in the same culture, and there are dozens to hundreds of different regional variations, etc. Just get over it and be concerned with something more important.

May 31

Kevin Drum Again

Kevin Drum loves lying with data.

Here’s what he claims:

Even at the height of the Great Recession, only 1 percent of employed men and 2 percent of employed women worked for the minimum wage. Today the figures are 0.23 percent and 0.37 percent.

Notice that his graph and data actually refers to the federal minimum wage. Twenty-one states have raised their minimum wage out of necessity as the fed one is so low — thus they are automatically excluded from his data while people in those states are doing better but essentially still earning poverty-level wages.

He also excludes salaried workers which by definition do not and cannot earn a minimum wage.

Here’s some data used properly from the 2018 BLS report:

In 2018, 81.9 million workers age 16 and older in the United States were paid at hourly rates, representing 58.5 percent of all wage and salary workers. Among those paid by the hour, 434,000 workers earned exactly the prevailing federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour. About 1.3 million had wages below the federal minimum. Together, these 1.7 million workers with wages at or below the federal minimum made up 2.1 percent of all hourly paid workers.

So it appears he also excluded anyone earning below the federal minimum wage. Farm workers, students, waitresses, and some other classes are exempt from the federal minimum.

Drum — like many Boomer centrists — excels at sounding recondite and reasonable while spouting casuistry and prevarication. He’s very good at it as if you just take a surface-level look at his “data,” it seems reasonable. But examine any part of it closer and it’s basically just Republican talking points.

May 30

Bad Pro-mance

Expect much more of this, because it’s how we generate meaning from nothing given the absence of any other form of viable meaning-making.

May 30

Only Feature

The only feature I care about on a phone is that it has Google Maps or a similar program. It’s the only app I use and the only one I will likely ever use on a phone. The rest are worthless garbage that work far better on anything with a larger screen.

If someone would make a flip phone that has Google Maps and a headphone jack, I’d pay up to a grand for that.

May 30


When liberals hear “socially constructed” I think they hear “changeable on a whim” and “reasonlessly capricious” whereas I understand how the entire weight of history and inculcation obstructs their easily-imagined alterations and rearrangements of a cultural imperative.

Relatedly, when liberals hear “genetic” I think they imagine that anyone who says that means “eugenics, exterminate all the undesirables immediately” and they also have some sort of idea that anything genetic is ever-ineluctable and cannot be altered by any means at all.

In reality, it’s probably easier to mitigate, alter, or re-direct most genetic human tendencies (though not all) while it’s much harder to change culture.

As usual, they have everything exactly backwards.