May 30

Fuck Mozilla and the Firefox Developers

With Google’s decision to de facto kill ad blocking in Chrome, if Mozilla hadn’t been so utterly and completely clueless about their Firefox’s greatest strengths they would now be in a position to rule the browser market once gain.

Due to Mozilla’s contempt toward their product-differentiating add-on ecosystem and their utter arrogant disregard of their best proponents and advocates, they will deservedly remain an also-ran and decline into irrelevance despite being offered this perfect opportunity for a resurgence — had they not made a string of poor decisions stretching back many years.

If I’d been the Mozilla CEO, market share would’ve never dipped below 25%, and we’d now be in a position to really batter Chrome. With the past and current leadership, that did not and now will never happen. Utter fools.

May 30


This guy is usually smarter than this. I can’t believe the extreme naïveté here.

So you think that Google wants to mostly-negate ad-blocking because of security? Yeah, right, and I want to fill my bank account up because I really love how zeroes look. Makes total sense.

If you assume the good faith of a large corporation, you will almost certainly be wrong about 99.99% of the time. Why assume Google’s good faith here? When would you ever have been correct about that?

It’s amazing that someone can work in the IT field for so long and still be so clueless about so much. How does that happen? How does it keep happening?

May 30


So, who’s cancelled today? Oh wait, I don’t give a crap because I refuse to pay any attention to liberal virtue signaling in the service of ego, vanity and moral preening.

May 29

Not One

Not one human being alive who claims to be eating 500 calories a day and not losing weight is actually eating only 500 calories a day.

It is just impossible. Not unlikely — impossible. Even the most committed yogi fakir in a 24 hour deep trance burns at least 800 calories a day. Why lie to yourself? Why is that easier?

May 29


Truth. The web has gotten much, much worse, particularly in the last 5-7 years. It was best between roughly 1999-2005, before Facebook and its ilk and while blogs still dominated. I expect further deterioration as both the left and the right are ardent censorship supporters and corporate priorities continue to purge all interesting content and people.

May 28

Maybe Reynolds or Vinge

The Fake Nancy Pelosi Video Hijacked Our Attention. Just as Intended. Social media is working as designed. That’s the problem.

Years ago, I was a bit scornful of a story that had a very advanced AI that could essentially assume control over humans with only a few electronic transmissions. I thought it sounded too fanciful even for space opera sf.

Folks, I was wrong. It’s happening now. Sure, not every human, but most of them. Not all of the time, but a lot of the time. As per usual, reality is stranger and more varied than any story. Humans have no defenses at all against the onslaught of bogus information disgorged in such monstrous quantities, with no check on quality and no standards of evidence both on the broadcast or reception side.

It didn’t take an advanced AI to assume control of humanity — merely a Harvard sociopath and some other lesser nutty buddies to do it.

May 28


I’ve long wondered why the left doesn’t have a better or more sensible response to the problems inherent in globalization. Alas, all they seem to do is sputter and shout absurd invectives.

The European Parliament elections have demonstrated very clearly that many people are very unhappy with globalization. This could be the perfect opportunity for the Left to come up with a response to globalization that takes into account this discontent. For now, all that the Left has been able to offer is “shut up, you racist.”

I marvel at the diabolical cleverness of equating all opposition to the depredations of predatory capitalism and globalization with racism. If I were a capitalist overlord, I’d’ve been squealing with delight at my sagacity when I came up with that idea. That the left embraced it all so uncritically and with barely a protest surprises me more than it should, I guess.

May 28


The purpose of philosophy isn’t to definitively answer questions for all time. It is to ask which questions we should be asking, which of these are answerable (even in principle), and what does it mean to know that the answer is a valid one.

Also, there is no science without philosophy. There is a reason that early scientists were called “natural philosophers” and that even today scientists in every field receive a PhD or “Philosophiae Doctor” — literally, a doctor of philosophy.

Without philosophy, science is just inchoate and incomprehensible information.

May 23

Some Truth

“Being physically and mentally fit is a revolt against the the modern world.”

-Alexander Cortes

That’s a great quote because it summarizes a great deal in few words; pithiness is not something I usually achieve so I appreciate it when I see it. When you are exposed to corporate propaganda regarding food (eat almost literal garbage, etc.) and are told by the Fat Acceptance/Celebration movement that CICO is completely false, that working out itself is insalubrious, that someone can be at the pinnacle of health at 400 pounds, it does take a near-total rebellion in one’s mind and behavior to do what is actually helpful and beneficial to one’s well-being.

May 22


Raj Chetty’s plan to change how Harvard teaches economics.

This would be a huge improvement, especially if other schools follow this lead. I’ve read that Mankiw textbook cover to cover (know the enemy) and it’s a huge trashpile of wishful thinking, outright lies, unproven assertions and asinine asseverations. Nearly anything would be a step up — in fact, all that book is good for is using as a tool be able to step up a little higher to reach something.

Don’t forget, I endure these things so you don’t have to.