Jul 26

Easy Path

Regarding obesity and other similar ills, it’s no surprise that people resent being told that having self-control is a possible method of counteracting it, because literally every other bit of propaganda (mostly corporate and corporate-affiliated, like the Fat Acceptance movement) is utterly devoted to denigrating and devaluing control of one’s actions and thoughts.

It’s understandable, then. When your entire environment and the zeitgeist at large is admonishing you to “do what feels good” and “why eat one, when you could eat two” the presence of someone who tells you that perhaps you should not do what your corporate overlords wish is seen as an oppressor.

I like the easy path, too, don’t read me wrong. But I’ll walk another path gladly when the easy path unquestionably harms me.

Jul 26

The Key Factor

Mechanical keyboards have become hip again, despite near-complete disinterest in the form by mainstream computer-makers. The little guy is picking up the slack.

The resurgence of mechanical keyboards is one of the best things to happen to computing in a decade. If you aren’t using a mechanical keyboard you probably hate yourself as they are so vastly, absurdly superior to the sloppy crap of a membrane type keyboard.

The article itself is pretty terribly written and also misses the main reason that manufacturers stopped making mechanical keyboards, which was cost. Mainly I just wanted to push mechanical keyboards as they so vastly improve the experience of using a computer.

Jul 25


When Google discontinued Reader is when it truly turned to evil. I didn’t even use Reader, but that’s when the company abandoned all pretense of working for and with an open web and instead attempted to make the web a reflection of Google and its interests. I wrote at the time (on another blog) that it was inevitable after Google went public it’d turn against everyone’s interests but its own. That’s where all incentives point, so it’s a nearly-irresistible attractor.

Just wish their search engine was still worth anything.

Jul 24

Now Lost

Except now someone says, “I’m a vegan” apropos of nothing. A woman says, “I have a boyfriend” in response to “bless you,” and a tech bro goes on about how it’s not rational to say that “bless you” at all. Then an SJW claims they are triggered by someone smiling at them, and a feminist says it’s “anti-manspreading” to not pull her legs in as someone walks down the crowded aisle. The dude in the lifted red pickup with a MAGA sticker runs you over and kills you without stopping. And everyone agrees that saying “I like your hat” is definitely harassment as you never, ever talk to strangers, especially to compliment them.

Jul 24

Lift Lift

Lift weights and absent chronic illness of some kind, you won’t have this problem. No one has to age poorly — it’s a choice, like most things people see as inevitable and unalterable. I chose to avoid the “inevitable” decline, and I’m now about as limber and getting back to being as strong again as I was in my early 20s. (And I was very strong in my early 20s.)

Lift weights, eat decent food, walk a bit. It’s amazing the difference it makes if you keep it up.

Jul 24


I guess the new FA phrase is “body liberation.” You know, the best body liberation I’ve experienced is losing weight then getting fit and strong. It seems as if those folks devoted 1/10 the effort to true liberation rather than endless carping they’d be in better stead.

Yes, it’s hard to lose weight and to work out, but many things in the world are difficult. Adults fucking deal and get it done. Children whine and hurt themselves and claim it’s “liberation.”

Jul 24

Wired Up

Exactly. This has happened to me in at least two jobs:

Me: I really need admin access to my workstation to install the tools I need to do my job daily.

Company: Against IT policy! Impossible! It could destroy everything to let you install Wireshark and the Sysinternals suite!

Me: You realize that I can with a few commands delete all the virtual machines for the entire company, and every customer VM, and all the backups, right? That’s not a threat but just a statement of fact about the rights I have. Letting me install software I need is nothing at all comparatively.

Company: Ok, here’s that admin access.