Aug 31


Greta Thunberg is the only person I am aware of thinking reasonably and collectedly about her own future. No one in the mainstream seems to realize how destructive climate change will be. She does. She is the only climate realist most people are aware of, therefore.

Of course, part of her reason is selfish. Whose isn’t, though? Not wanting to die from climate change and its resultant wars is damn good motivation to do something about it.

What’s sad is how many adults act like she’s crazy or misguided or some sort of puppet, when in reality they are completely wrong — as events already are proving them to be. This will only get worse, but luckily for them by the time it gets really bad they’ll all be dead. The judgment of future societies will not be kind to them, though, nor should it be. They are the useful idiots of history.

Aug 31

F Credentials

People like me get told all the time that we know nothing because we have no credentials — that we can’t possibly have any idea what we’re talking about. But I’d just like to point out that I wrote this four whole months before the Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 737 Max crash.

This automated pitch control system that relies on only one sensor (this is a big no-no in this arena) sounds truly moronic and it will likely result in more crashes as currently designed IMO.

Something I’m not exactly proud of being right about, but credentials are only worth as much as the intelligence and systems understanding behind them. And, usually, there’s not all that much there there.

I’d rather be right than anything else. It’s a lot harder work but it feels a lot better, too. If credentials gave me anything I cared about having, I’d get some. School and anything memorizable is absurdly easy for me. But credentials don’t give me anything I care about so I’ll just keep being right while others waste time making themselves dumber and more conformist.

Aug 30

Future Speed

I remember. It’s one of the reasons I no longer describe myself as a liberal or even a socialist. I don’t know what I am, exactly, but none of those things, and no ideology that has ever existed. Perhaps I am too old to have a new mind, but I still think it’s worth a go.

Aug 30

The Gulf

Absolutely true.

People often ascribe high intelligence to me because I know twice or three times as much as they do. But I know two percent or even three percent of the available knowledge. They know one percent. So yes, I know twice or even three times as much but it’s an illusion in an important sense.

Because I still don’t know anything! And as you get older and wiser, you see more and more the vast gulfs in your knowledge and understanding that will never be filled, and can never be filled. The chasms ever widen and your brain still moves at the same old speed as before.

So someone is like, “You are so smart!” And then I’m thinking, “Damn, I’m an idiot, so if this person thinks I am smart….”

Aug 30


Did a set of 10 lunges with 52.5 pounds in each hand, 105 pounds total. I will be feeling that tomorrow. That’s the most weight I’ve ever done at that exercise. And I tell you what, it was heavy.

Aug 29


I want owls to stand guard alerting me if someone is breaching the perimeter of my compound.

I’ll call it my Owly Warning Line (or OWL for short). Heh.

Aug 29


Everyone using smartphones all the time to type anywhere (because it’s more “convenient*”) makes nearly everyone seem like an illiterate doofus.

*Really, more convenient for tracking and advertising.

Aug 29


This isn’t a perfect analogy, but agreed. Countries aren’t the same as homes, but in many important senses they are. I’m wary of analogies that conceal more than they reveal but in this case it works. Open borders is an idea that can only function non-destructively with roughly similar cultures, level of development and social welfare systems. Otherwise, a lot of that will get destroyed.