Sep 30

One Way To Die

Oh Jesus Christ. That’s worse than useless. I’m not large or really that great of a fighter, but if she fought me like that and I wanted to her be, she’d be unconscious or dead in seconds.

That’s all show and would not result in anything good for her if she went like that at all but the most untrained fighters. These sort of self-defense classes for women instill a false sense of confidence and should be banned.

Real self-defense tips for women:

1) Carry pepper spray, as strong as is legal.

2) Take a krav maga class, one that is well-rated and tough.

3) If in a real fight, aim to disable (with pepper spray or without) as quickly as possible and run like your life depends on it, because if you had to fight, it probably does.

4) Don’t carry a gun. Chances are, it’ll be taken from you and used on you unless you’re a stone-hearted killer (most people aren’t).

5) Eyes, balls, solar plexus, nose, ears, throat are you primary targets, in that order (or whatever is easiest to reach). Don’t stand on propriety — be brutal. (This is why you need the krav class. It teaches you to ignore your instincts and be brutal.)

But if you fight like that against real attackers, you are going to die.

Sep 30

Ex It Out

My (34M) boss was keeping my (1Robot) love locked behind glass and wouldn’t let me have at her, as I knew she wanted. Then she stabbed the goon and mistakenly left me locked in behind the glass! Will she return before I run out of energy drinks, self-pity, and whining?

Sep 30


The US Army is in the process of changing their fitness standards, and for the better in my opinion. Instead of just the traditional push-ups, sit-ups, and two-mile run, they have now added a deadlift (using a hex bar instead of a barbell) event and other real strength measures. Standards no longer differ by gender, either.

A real positive change! The unit I was in pretty much ignored the Army standards, anyway, as they were much easier than what was expected of us there. We would’ve loved this stuff. It’s far more realistic regarding actual combat and general army tasks and matches much more closely the physical training we actually did.

The only thing I disagree with is that different unit types and jobs might have different standards. While this sounds ok on the surface, it causes division within the ranks. For instance, even though I was a photojournalist in a combat unit I still met all the same standards as everyone else in my unit, even those soldiers specifically designated with combat roles.* This left no doubt that I could fight beside them as needed and wouldn’t be a hindrance. Take that away, and why would you want someone not as capable as you fighting with you? That’d just be another thing to worry about.

*Though in a paratrooper unit, you’re really all front-line troops. Couldn’t really be any other way.

Sep 30


I shouldn’t be, but I’m always surprised when liberals are always so shock-fuckingly naïve. I like Angie Schmitt and I agree with a lot of what she writes about transportation, but this is not a first tentative step for any damn thing. This is a distraction method, utterly pointless, and harms a lot of disabled people in the process while achieving absolutely nothing.

Worse than that, it achieves negative results, not only by harming disabled people, but by making me and others highly skeptical and resistant to such efforts that we might otherwise support. It’s a bit of theater explicitly designed to short-circuit any further progress in the name of “progress.”

I will never, ever understand the whole mindset of “We must do something. This is something. Therefore, we must do it.”

Sep 30

Canceled All Seasons

Cancel culture is the misapplication of little power to a problem insoluble with the means at hand, but it’s the only means many people have. I have some sympathy, but not much, because it harms the discourse, mostly, and causes a venal sort of bloodlust which never results in anything good or noble.

Sep 28

When In

When in the West people’s children begin dying of the direct and indirect effects of climate change, they won’t blame climate change or even their own inaction — no, they will blame the messengers and those who warned them.

It’s already happening with Greta Thunberg. It’ll happen a lot more. Climate change and the slow apocalypse spawned thereby is not something people can cognitively handle. So they won’t.

Sep 28


That’s for all the chuckleheads moaning constantly about “But how will we pay for it?” Stupid-ass, you’re already paying for it, and more, and getting far less for your money than someone French or Swiss or Italian.

Sep 28

Bug Out

How to Develop an Appetite for Insects.

And the propaganda continues. Expect more of this. The progressives* want to convince you to live in pods, eat bugs, not fly or drive anywhere, and live as near to a medieval peasant’s life as possible, to “save the earth.”

*Really, neoliberals, all in service of the rich staying rich.

Sep 27


Nailed it. AGI is possible because look in the motherfucking mirror.