Pro Im

I am pro-immigration, by the way. It might not seem like it from what I write sometimes here, but I very much am.

What I am not is this version of pro-immigration, the naive flower child leftist sort that seems to have overtaken most of the liberal side these days: “We should let everyone in! Even if it’s allowing 20,000 fundamentalist Islamic young men into a small town of 5,000 people! And then there will be puppies and ponies and foofy clouds and everyone will sit around singing and eating cotton candy!”

No. I am very much against that sort of open borders dewy-eyed callow simple-mindedness.

Germany and Sweden (especially Sweden) have set their societies on a path of likely effective destruction by allowing unpoliced, uncritical immigration. At the least, in 30 years or so most women will be forced to stay home most of the time there. It’ll probably be far worse than that, though.

The left likes to shout racism if you merely suggest that, hey, letting one million people in might be a bad idea, even though they mostly don’t share your values, don’t believe in women’s freedom of movement or of consent, and who think that society should be ruled by religious clerics and not democratically-elected politicians.

The simple fact is that not all people are the same. Some will find it harder to integrate than others. Those from fundamentalist Islamic societies will find it the most difficult of all and are most likely to cause issues in your own (secular, progressive) institutions.

This is all ignoring for the moment that most immigration is driven to lower working class salaries and to provoke domestic crises for political gain (the neolib reasons).

Pointing this stuff out isn’t racism. It’s fucking common sense.

Move the entire population of Scandinavia to the US. No problem. It’d be relatively minor.

Move the entire population of Saudi Araba to the US? Ceteris paribus — ignoring the actual racism that would occur (not the left fantasy type of racism) — the US would not survive it. And this is just as true if the population of Saudi Arabia were just as white as that of most of Scandinavia.

Why is that controversial? Nothing at all to do with race. Turns out different humans believe different things. Some of those beliefs are pretty damn incompatible.

One of the reasons I can’t line up with the left is that their fantasy world is nearly as broad and as expansive as the right’s own Narnia.