Adapt grand mal

I’d argue — and certainly many of our classical forebears would argue — that nearly all humans now are effectively mentally ill.

This is not to trivialize mental illness at all. I’m quite serious.

Existing in a capitalist system without dropping out, without becoming deranged and despondent, is a sign of that illness. Sitting at a desk all day and performing the same few tasks is not natural, even with the broad definition of “natural” humanity encompasses. Having an autarch (the boss) determine when you can eat, when you can piss, when you can see your family — also not anything humans have been or should be accustomed to.

I sometimes say that humans are maladapted to our civilization.

But there’s more verity to observation that our society is maladapted to us.

And the signs of our mental illness, our sickness, is the fact that we silently endure such perdition.