Adblock Plus, in addition to having sold out to the ad industry, is also now slow and very, very bloated.

When I was using it, my Firefox would routinely consume more than 7GB of memory. I have 32GB in my machine so the absolute amount of memory used wasn’t that big a deal, but it also caused the browser to crawl more slowly than me walking away from a milkshake store.

So next I removed AdBlock Plus and installed Bluehell Firewall. While that worked well, Bluehell has no options and no ability to whitelist anything. Good, but perhaps there was something better.

This might be it. So far, AdGuard has not resulted in any additional memory consumption, hasn’t slowed the browser down at all and has configurable options. I can whitelist things again!

I’ll wait a few more days to say for sure, but it seems pretty good so far.