Oh hell yeah, The Leftovers is back. Such a beautiful, great, gut-wrenching, intelligent, daring second season.

The first season was ok. Boring in parts, unnecessary in others, great in a few others. (But it had Carrie Coon so I kept watching.)

The second season — I say goddamn.

It’s the most human, most absorbing, most lived-in and most dementedly painstaking show on television. And the greatness of Carrie Coon. That last sentence is incomplete because nothing can complete Carrie Coon.

If season 3 is even half as good as the second one was, it’ll be better than 99% of what’s on TV now.

I might go back and re-watch season 1 in light of what I now know — suspect I was missing a lot, or was not in the groove of the show then.