American Left Out

By | December 7, 2018

The American Left and Right are more similar than different. Both believe in American exceptionalism. Both are fully neoliberal in outlook and approach.

Because both believe in American exceptionalism, they subscribe to the idea that we can “fix” other countries and peoples — the Right believes we can do it with military adventurism and bombs while the Left holds that we can do it with compassion, open borders, and saying all the right words. The Left’s version sure sounds nicer but is about as likely to work in reality given that there is no plan there or good ideas, just as there is none for the Right.

As I recently wrote to someone else, one area where I agree with the objectivists to some extent is that compassion and altruism are used all too often for bullying claims on other people’s time and resources, with no realistic plan to make it work well for anyone. It’s a variant of “what about the children” but more intellectually-framed. The Left is guilty of this particularly reference immigration.

I wish more people were more thoughtful.

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