I hear mostly lefties say that things are “arbitrary” and “cultural” or similar all the time. These are vacuous statements as nearly all human ways of living are arbitrary and not genetically determined. This proves nothing. It’s like saying something doesn’t violate the laws of physics. So fucking what?

Sure, recognizing that human lifeways are not fixed is not worthless but neither is it particularly insightful nor does it point to the desirability or the possibility of change. Most of the time I see it, it merely points to some imagined right to choose from a celestial smörgåsbord of options that are not truly ideological in nature but rather merely to have a choice, as if life should be some shelf at Target where one picks attributes nearly at random with no deeper understanding or historical comprehension.

I don’t think this is a better option. Only people imbibing neoliberal swill can really consider such a world acceptable or tenable at all.