By | April 26, 2014

In a way, it’s nice to see that female physicists are as susceptible to arrogance and engineeritis as male ones. Equality means that women should be allowed to be arrogant pricks just like male ones with the same consequences or lack thereof.

For the record, I really hardly feel like even posting this as I just don’t care that much, but the reason social science is resistant to being infiltrated by know-it-all physicists is because physicists see themselves as repositories of all knowledge and wisdom who can surely “solve” a field in a few weeks, if those meanies in other fields would just listen to them.

And social scientists also see what happened to economics when it acceded to physics envy, and do not want that to happen to their field.

More math is not the answer to everything. Having physicists destroy and politicize your field (as happened to economics) is just not appealing to social scientists.