Dec 05

Box Up

My friend, whose first language is not English, could not remember the word “speakers” briefly and came up with “song boxes.”

I think that’s a perfectly good name for them! I just hope she doesn’t do that in her role as translator and occasional interpreter. (She was very tired when that happened.)

Dec 05

Worse Alt

Why do the higher ups in offices like to work such long hours?

This terrible disease is more common in Boomers, who actually got something out of it. Not a lot, but something.

For many people who have no hobbies, aren’t particularly social, and are not all that smart, working long hours was and is preferable to the alternative of no social life and boredom. Many of these types also dislike their own families, so spending time in the office is for them a good alternative to their existence at home.

And some people do honestly like to work. No one knows why, but they do.

Dec 05

Old Is New

It’s funny that people in my field think containers and virtualization are new. Not even close. Virtualization was invented and actively used in the 1960s and containers were a thing in the 1970s.

But no one in my field knows really any history at all. And it makes the whole thing vastly worse.

Dec 05


Modern browser memory use is in-fucking-sane:

I have 128GB of RAM in my iMac for a reason. But dang. I used to run a browser on 8MB of RAM in 1995.

Dec 04


I need a new OS called “If You Fucking Even Try To Save Anything to the Cloud, I’ll Fucking Kill You, Motherfucker!” It’s a mouthful but it’d be the perfect OS for me.

Dec 04


I’ve also seen people writing “fullproof” instead of “foolproof” lately. Damn. Launch the nukes. Launch all of them. Cleanse this corrupted world with a glorious sterilizing fire. I’m begging.

Dec 02


Listening to old Willie Nelson songs and reading about Popperian falsification. Incidentally, Firefox wants to correct “Popperian” to “Pomeranian.”

Nah, that’s a little different. Just a little bit.