Oct 01


Damn. Effective propaganda (not all propaganda is bad btw).

Oct 01


It is weird how you’re treated like some sort of dark wizard if you can remember shit that happened more than a couple of years ago.

Oct 01


YouTube is giving me trailers for shows in English with bad Spanish dubbing.

Good job, algorithm. You really know what’s up. Nailed it.

Oct 01


I really don’t give a single shit what color made-up fucking characters are. I just cannot find any reason to care one way or another.

Oct 01

Gamazda – Zombie

So good. Those runs! (How many hands does Gamazda have???) And she really makes it sound dirge-like (in a good way). Very appropriate for that song.

Oct 01

Oh Hell No

Jesus Christ what the fuck is that. That’s not barbecue. Holy shit that looks terrible. No Northerner knows a damn thing about barbecue and that would taste like absolute fucking garbage.

This is barbecue, though I prefer baked beans to mac ‘n cheese:

There’s a place in North Florida also called Ken’s that used to serve the most heavenly baked beans in the universe. They were so amazing — but I haven’t been to that place in over 25 years and have no idea if they are still that incredible.

Oct 01

No Pod

I’m just not social enough for most of the things that liberals want to attempt to force me to do.

Sep 30


This is considered cheating everywhere.

Watch what happens if you mention that Russia already invaded Ukraine in 2014, or that Ukraine voluntarily gave up its nuclear weapons in 1994 in exchange for security guarantees from Russia and the US. If you bring up either of these facts, it’s considered to be in bad taste and somehow is either a “conspiracy theory” or that you’ve drawn upon esoteric knowledge that no one could possibly know and that is now too antiquated anyway to be at all relevant.

It is very fucking odd.