Jan 17

More Flavorful

Here’s the thing that always surprises people about me, I suppose because I am mild-mannered: I do what I want and I will do what I want no matter what you think or how you attempt to stop me.

Equating being mild-mannered with weakness is a common mistake. Many have made it.

I have defeated every single one of them.

Jan 17

Don’t Talk To Me

I kinda knew it already, but this year has been revelatory in uncovering that most people know almost nothing about anything, aren’t very curious, and yet have lots of opinions about these topics they know less than nothing about.

Clown world.

Jan 17

Wildflower Fever

I did see this performance when it aired, and it blew me away at the time. Still does.

Starting around the 2:30 mark, lord, that’s some magic right there. And the violin player is just killing it. Pros make things look easy that are just impossible.

Jan 17


I didn’t see this performance at the time; this was just when I was getting into music on my own. Natalie Merchant was 23 in this video, though she’d been in the band since she was 17.

Jan 17

Story Ends

Any song by The Sundays is basically uncoverable because no one has a voice like Harriet Wheeler and those songs are inextricable from the particularity of her being, but Debra here does a nice job: