Bad Ideas

Yep. People had this stupid fucking idea for some reason I can’t fathom that when societal relations are disrupted that things just “return to normal” as if by magic. I even heard (and linked to) some saying that the “economy was on pause” or other such crap.

Once again, to paraphrase Chuck Babbage, I am not able rightly to apprehend the kind of confusion of ideas that could provoke such a conclusion. The economy does not pause, especially how we mismanaged the crisis, nor can it resume in any meaningful way.

Again, as I said months ago, when those relations are destroyed they don’t just come back. They are gone forever. Will never return. Bad models lead to bad thinking. Or perhaps the reverse. I don’t really give a shit. What I do know is that many people had and still continue to have fantasy thinking going on about the economy.

Also, to reiterate, if we’d managed the crisis properly and had an effective 1-2 month lockdown with proper stimulus and business preservation measures, more of this would’ve been realistic. But we did not do those things and here we are.