Ban Together

From fringe to mainstream: how millions got a taste for going vegan.

Just look at this blatant propaganda.

Banning veganism would help far more people than banning diet soda because a vegan diet is incredibly unhealthy. As I’ve noted before, there’s a reason that all vegans look corpse-like most of the time (except when they cheat). Veganism is being promoted now because it makes the food congolomerates loads of money and appeals very much the to the now-dominant neo-puritan prudes who get extremely aroused by thinking about what they will be forced (“forced”) to take away from everyone else. I really do think it gives them a sexual thrill.

Yet from such gestures and options spring new futures. A generation ago, vegans were dismissed as moralising bores.

A generation ago? Right this very minute, they definitely are.

Damn, I need a hamburger.