Good lord, I blasted someone at work via email after I provided them the exact information they requested from me, and then they CCed my boss and a few other people claiming they had not received the information requested.

Ha, in my response I pasted the information I’d already provided them in 24-point bold text and said, AS I told you once, “Info Info Info….”

Hope I still have a job tomorrow. Or wait, no, I don’t really care.

But anyway, ask me for the information again. Fine. Just don’t CC my boss accusing me of things to make yourself look better. I will bust your ass and CC everyone and all the gods, too.

Oh, you’ve mistaken me for some simpering pusillanimous pushover?

Yeah, that ain’t me, bud, even if I do talk quietly and blend into the background.

My best line probably was this when the person also complained of not receiving info they’d never even requested: “I don’t see myself developing psychic powers to predict what instance of your incompetence will come up next.”