Blat her

Here I blather on about why I can’t get aboard the Hillary Clinton train. I won’t reiterate what I wrote there.

I truly do understand the idea of voting for Clinton because of her gender and because of the vast and vile misogyny she’s faced over the years. But damn, I just wish there were a better choice.

The choices this year are between clueless (about different things, but clueless both) rehashes of last century’s thinking, with the same failed prescriptions of and from the past that will in fact doom the future. Their only art is artifice; their only skill is to project is a simulacrum of shared humanity. Neither candidate comprehends what it is to govern, but rather both wish to rule. Neither nominee understands the epochal changes underway in both their own parties or more importantly in the world.

The only “bright” spot to either is that both will speed the inevitable collapse due to global climate change, and from that we might be able to construct something better — if we survive it.