By | June 11, 2018

Not the greatest photo (taken with my phone), but this is my new keyboard at work. I love it. It has generic blue key switches, so it’s pretty noisy. Fortunately, the woman who sits closest to me also has a keyboard as noisy as Clydesdales galloping over a covered bridge, so no one cares.

Keyboard edit

If you’ve never used a mechanical keyboard, your fingers will love you if you switch to one. I was very sad when they went out of favor (due to manufacturers attempting to save money) in the late 1990s and extremely happy when they became popular again around 2010 and 2011.

If you type a lot, a decent mechanical keyboard will make a shocking amount of difference to you. You’ll also type faster, experience less exhaustion from typing, and make fewer mistakes. For instance, if I actually sit up and type properly my mistake rate is 20-30% lower and I type about 25% faster.

Since decent mechanical keyboards can be had as cheaply as $30 these days (my white one in the photo with full RGB lighting was only $45), there is absolutely no reason not to get one if you type more than 20 minutes a day. It’s the cheapest way to make the most improvement to your computing experience.