Boredom Time

Lately, people — especially liberals — seem to greatly desire art that doesn’t challenge them, is expressly designed to not make them think, that instills torpor and demands nothing.

I should not really have to say this, but that is not art. It might be entertainment (though not by my definition), but it is definitely not art. If all you want are works that comport with your every trivial thought and opinion, that cohere exactly with what you believe (or believe you want to believe), you are not engaged in any artistic practice but rather self-gratification and self-stultification.

I want no part of this. I want art that I disagree with. I want art that makes me ponder what it means and exactly why the artist made that choice. I want writing that challenges me to understand and to attempt to get inside the head of the writer and the characters therein. I want aggressiveness of extrapolation and daringness of argument.

Thus, I firmly and fully fucking reject the “progressive” consensus and its censorious nature and its prudishness in every aspect.