Bullshit By The Peloton

What a bunch of malarkey. I need Joe Biden’s bus to drive over this shit, reverse, and do it again.

For the vast majority of people, being as thin as Grace from Boston would require not just a combination of daily use of a Peloton and a lifetime of hyper-vigilant restrictive eating, but also a genetic makeup that the vast majority of people don’t happen to have.

This fact is hidden from view by the further fact that every woman on TV looks like Grace, which produces a distorted cultural perception equivalent to that which would be produced if every woman on TV weighed 300 pounds.

But of course Peloton isn’t actually about “fitness” — it’s about attempting to achieve what for most people is a completely unachievable ideal of thinness, which itself is a synecdoche for wealth, status, beauty, youth, whiteness….

Here’s how you get and stay thin: ignore eating advice from puds like this dipshit, work out frequently, don’t eat whole cakes, etc. It’s not that hard. My partner is as thin as Grace in the ad and she eats a lot more than I do, even. And though we do work out, ain’t a Peloton in sight.

And whiteness? Grace doesn’t look white to me. She looks a lot like my first serious girlfriend, who was half-Pakistani. Grace:

Peloton thumb

I guess in some ways it is progress (?) that libs say that anyone with relatively straight hair is white, though? Not sure. Maybe they just have poor vision. That said, the ad is pretty terrible.

Take control over your own fucking life. You’re the only one who can do it.