but gramma likes cat food

I know that Democrats who voted for Obama won’t like to hear it but if Romney had won, it’s extremely unlikely that Social Security and Medicare would’ve experienced any cuts as they are very likely to under Obama.

The reason? The Democrats would’ve fought Romney’s administration harder to prevent any such reductions, while they are likely to be cozened by Obama.

That’s one of the main reasons I refused to cast a vote for Obama.

And now just what I knew was going to happen is about to happen.

Don’t get me wrong — under Romney, other bad things would’ve happened. So-called Obamacare would’ve likely been repealed. More rights would’ve been curtailed (but probably not substantially more than under Obama).

The problem is of course with the entire system, not who happens to be the head of it at the time. That said, Obama is about to get his granny starvin’ on, and it won’t be pretty.