Choices As Chosen

Every time anyone says anything about Obama’s massive inaction and his terrible administration, the centrists crawl out of the woodwork, screaming about two things: the first dispirited yap is that he was somehow stymied by Congress. The second asseveration is that the president is a helpless little baby, with no power at all, who just can’t do anything. Heck, he barely has more power than an intern at a car wash company!

The first claim is absurd because most of the items that I and others cared about could’ve been enacted by executive order, just as Trump has done, and Congress did not need to be involved at all. Obama was not stymied by Congress. He was stymied by his own bad tendencies and incompetence.

The second claim is laughable because obviously Trump has wielded a great deal of power, and made enormous changes across all levels of government while signing hardly any significant legislation. Thus, the idea that the president is an impotent little tiny baby lacking in influence of any kind is utterly disproven by lived reality.

This won’t convince any centrists, I know. But I still like baiting them if I can. Or at least ranting into the void.