Chronologies of setting

I really have very little in common with people my age.

I mean, I never have much in common with anyone at all but people my age — fuck, I don’t give a crap about your golf score, your mortgage, your kids or their antics, your investment “advice,” how the 70s or the 80s was the best period for music EVAR or any of that other crap. If I have to listen to one more rambling digression about some 1970s TV show I think I will barf at light speed. FUCK M*A*S*H. DAMN.

Guess that’s why I tend to mingle most with the interns at work. We listen to the same music, have a lot more essential freedom in our lives, and we are not completely set in our ways. The interns listen and consider. People my age are so ossified they might as well all be named “Femur.”

And as for talking to the interns, it’s really funny sometimes when I do mention something older like The Breakfast Club and it’s a complete mystery to them.