People of the working class in the US, France, and other countries vote for petty thugs and incompetents like le Pen and Trump not due to racism but rather because those are the choices on offer, and they understand they are marked as disposable.

Oh, sure, racism exists among the white working class — just as it exists in the middle class, the upper class, and the rich. But you only ever hear about it in the working class.

Funny that, huh?

No one is going to commit genocide for the most part on the working class because it’s not even worth the effort. They dispose of themselves (see the opioid epidemic for an example).

The game now is to keep them as a disposable population whose labor can be leveraged as needed, but whose political power has been defanged by charges of lack of education and of racism, while the pervasive and society-defining racism is practiced by those who actually make the hiring decisions and hold the levers of power.

Amazing how many people are taken in by this obvious con, but the soi-disant elite isn’t nearly as intelligent as they imagine themselves to be.