Lots of stupidity in the housing debate. One thing I’ve noticed from multiple cities: it’s not racist to desire people who have no connection to your city not to buy houses there, live there only two days a year, and make neighborhoods expensive, desolate hellholes.

If that’s racist, put me in the firmly racist category. I am very, very racist then (even if the people committing the above are white).

The left has the tendency to throw the word “racism” around to shut down debate, kind of like the right does with “terrorism.”

What I hate about this is that it makes actual racism more difficult to combat.

Bottom line is that cities should be for those who live there. For the most part, those who are buying as investments, as vacation houses, etc., should have a much harder time of it.

My proposal is a non-use tax, of 20% of the value per year if you don’t live there for more than six months of the year. But anything like that should work.