Clowns all around

Just want to record some of the utter stupidity for posterity still occurring among the Democrats — just like the Dem claims that no one ever said something like “Get your government hands off my Medicare*,” it’s being claimed simultaneously with its actual occurrence that no Dem claims that Hillary “really won” due to her taking the popular vote.

But here you go.

I was dealing with a “You’re why Clinton lost” guy the other night. I’ve dealt with them before. My usual go-tos have been “What exactly do you mean by lost, given the popular vote?” and pointing out that this isn’t supported by the data we have so far.

Hey, who do you think is going to be inaugurated on January 20? Is it Clinton? Is it? Think about that then tell me who won. There are no wrong answers — only really stupid-ass ones.

What a bunch of witless intellectually bankrupt fucksticks.

And nope, I didn’t support Trump, didn’t support Sanders (though I think he could’ve won the general). Trump is a misogynist clown and Sanders was not nearly radical enough for me.

Class solidarity is identity politics.

Wrong. Class solidarity and identity politics are explicitly and implicitly diametrically opposed. Someone needs to read some goddamn history. Fuck. I guess you can use words however you want to, but denotational specificity is pretty vital to communication. (In my new lexicon, “Clinton” now means “complete failure who everyone claims is a triumph of unparalleled glistening victory.”)

Amazing how many people I’ve stopped reading due to this election, and for good reason. I don’t want to exist in an echo chamber, but I also don’t need to listen to a bunch of worthless patter of the self-deluding.

*I saw someone with my own eyes in St. Peterburg, FL, at a protest with a sign that read: “No GOV’T in MY MEDICARE.” So yes, it did happen.