becauseSomeone at Microsoft got a clue.

Windows 10 actually looks pretty good.

Metro banished, mostly. Configurable. Proper window drop shadows and other signs of actual design so everything on the desktop doesn’t doesn’t look like a Fisher Price toy box combined with a paint factory explosion. Windowed Metro apps. Better command line. And other needed features.

I believe I read somewhere there will be full binary compatibility from Windows Phone up to the desktop OS, which developers will love.

Since that idiot Steven Sinofsky left Microsoft (he was responsible for the Metro disaster and I believe the terrible Office bar) I figured things would get getter in the Windows world.

Now if we can just get the Metro crap out of the server interface, which is one of the most ridiculous design decisions I have ever seen.

It’s good to see. Google needs the competition. Amazing to think that Microsoft is benign now and Google is full-on fucking evil.

Strange how things work out.