I’d never carry a concealed gun. It’s an idiot thing to do.

But if you ever do, it should be in a shoulder holster or similar where it never leaves your body. Ever.

It shouldn’t be in your purse or your briefcase or anywhere else.

Normally I’d not recommend shoulder holsters as they aren’t as safe as other holster types to the individual with the gun, but in the case of shoulder holsters the risk is all on YOU. And no one can take the gun from you without you noticing.

So if you must be a fucktard and carry a concealed weapon in a non-combat environment, then use a shoulder or other similar on-body holster. It’s the most likely way to only kill yourself when you do something stupid with your gun.

And there are options for women now, too, which was not true for a long time. This and this seem pretty good.

How to properly draw from a shoulder holster without shooting yourself.

Note: I have only used the standard US Army shoulder holster and one my dad owned, brand unknown.

The US Army one was not designed for concealment, though, but for access.