What is wrong with men who do things like this?

Like most people – women included — I will look at an attractive person if they happen to walk by or be in my field of vision. That’s just it, though – I will look. I won’t ogle them, gape at them, harass them or pull out my camera and snap a photo of them. I (really, really) don’t even have any desire to interact with the person.

But looking is ephemeral, and harmless. Taking photos sans consent and posting them on the internet? That’s a different matter altogether.

That said, I am not sure it should be a crime, exactly. That would raise a whole host of free speech issues that the government and corporations could then use to squelch public debate and public documentation even more than has already been done.

There isn’t a good solution, really, not that might not do more harm elsewhere. I just wish some of these men would get tased in the face (preferably by me) when someone notices this occurring.

Maybe that would be a bit of dissuasion.