Ha! I agree. CRTs felt just more physically present. De-gaussing, the weird “clunk” sounds they made sometimes, and their other electrical noises, and just how damn heavy they were. They were formidable physical objects with their own personalities.

LCDs feel like the future. They are sterile and lack personality. Their temperament is always neutral, their behavior always predictable.

I prefer them but they also have no soul.

Younger people probably won’t believe this, but it used to be possible to destroy your CRT — and I mean physically destroy it — by setting it up wrong in Linux. I remember the first time I ever loaded up Linux and checking my CRT’s documentation about 10 times to make sure I had all the settings correct before I pressed the enter key.

Luckily, my CRT survived and Red Hat showed me a pretty GUI rather than smoke. I was a happy dumpster goblin.