Cultural inconsistencies

One of the more mystifying inherent and increasing beliefs of most modern people — conservatives and liberals alike — is that though we are constructed molecule by molecule by the prompting and ministrations of genetic material, any basis of or differences in human capabilities or talents cannot be ascribed to genetics.

That is like claiming that a car built out of spaghetti noodles and bailing twine has no functional differences from one constructed of aluminum and steel.

Of course humans aren’t quite that divergent, but argumentum ad absurdum works well to see the inconsistencies in beliefs.

No one wants to be a robot controlled by their genes. I understand this.

But our behaviors are probably more prescribed and proscribed by this factor than most care to admit.

I don’t mind if that’s true. I’d rather know the truth and deal with it than make bad decisions individually and societally because I’m being forced to pretend falsehoods have veracity.